'Black lives matter' —Mark Zuckerberg, who says Facebook may change policy on state violence, voter suppression

Yep. He’s changing his policy. To something less obvious but just the same. Same bias, but blame the national emergency.


Every single verb in that statement is future progressive tense, which is tech company code for stalling until everyone stops talking about it. Nothing will happen.


Well that’s an awfully cynical viewpoint…

that I share. Most likely bang on the money, because this is about making money.


It comes from a career of working in companies like FB (though I haven’t worked there specifically). That language is what managers use with each other as a way of pushing back against red tape and busy work. It’s the polite corporate-speak way of dismissing someone’s request as not being a valuable use of time. Zuckerberg is in such a bubble that he doesn’t understand that black people being murdered in the streets is not the same as trying get out of a meeting next week because you’re tired of making PowerPoint decks. “Oh sure, I’ll look into forming a committee to look into starting an initiative around that. Let’s touch base next week”.


That’s at least 3 squares on a Corporate Meeting bingo card :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


May change policy?

So Facebook’s current policy is: state sponsored violence towards black people is OK? Voter suppression is OK? Zuck’s dinner buddies like Trump and Bannon are good people?

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To summarise:

  1. “Review”
  2. “Review”
  3. “Review”
  4. “Work on”
  5. “Review”
  6. “Started a workstream”
  7. “We’re building”

“…and if that doesn’t work I’m going to throw some meringues into the sea, and we’ll see if that’s more effective.”

Headline translation: Zuckerberg once again makes vague promises for things that he’ll never actually do.


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