Black Lives Matter. Still

Yearbook sales and distribution resumed Monday after Broward County Public Schools completed its review of the controversial pages. The school district noted that it “supports and encourages students’ freedom of expression.”
“As the yearbook is intended to highlight notable and newsworthy events from that year, student journalists exercised their freedom of speech in documenting the movement,” Broward County Public Schools said in its statement. “As a result of the review, distribution of the yearbook resumed Monday morning with an insert noting that the views expressed are not sponsored by the District.”

This one at least has a happy ending, unlike so many.


So just to be clear, they’ll let the book go out, but they don’t want anyone to think that, as a district, they sponsor the idea that Black Lives Matter?
You’re right, though, overall a happy ending.


Exactly what I thought when I read that.

In my experience as a Midwesterner, people who are actually from Florida (their whole lives) run the gamut, like anywhere else. But people who have chosen to move there, especially if they’ve chosen to move there since 2016, have a tendency to be THIS sort of mentality.

The anti-Americans (if they don’t look and think exactly like us) kind of mentality.


Twitchell said school administrators decided to stop selling and distributing the $90 yearbook last week without consulting with the editors after parents complained. She said the yearbook editors were told that the pages were not objective because they didn’t include a conversation about Blue Lives Matter, a pro-police countermovement that emerged after Black Lives Matter amid growing criticism of law enforcement.

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Consequence culture! :relieved:


She is such an awful, despicable human being and has been for so very long. The newspaper that she’s fired from is the one the English Prime Minister writes for. It is the posh, respectable face of racist thought in the UK. I think its magazine equivalent jumped the shark a long time ago. Maybe when the PM was editing it but perhaps some are deluded enough into believing it to be a smart antidote to political correctness, (sorry, with their Maoist like devotion to marching in step they all call it wokeness now).

She’s always been a racist little Englander. But she normally gets hired for that. I think the crown must have let the Torygraph come to understand that it was not amused.


The article’s closing:

“Many millions of liberal whites have no problem seeing the problem of race as one of violent police,” Berger says. “That allows them to distance themselves from racism, since they can’t imagine themselves perpetrating white-on-Black violence. White outrage at police conduct downplays their complicity in a racialized system that benefits whites.” Until white people examine how they can be participants in a movement against police brutality and still receive racism’s dividends, America will keep spinning in circles. In the early days of the uprising, the action in the streets challenged the white response. The front pages of the country’s establishment newspapers seemed to coddle it.

There is something ironic about this coming from a source whose audience is overwhelmingly liberal whites, and even this article is clearly tailored to raise the issue without actually challenging them


We all need a feel good piece today, so here is one:


I’m not sure if pacific islanders qualify, but this was an uplifting read also:


Mississippi Goddam…


The two white kids got the same honors even though they took easier classes and did less work. Shocking.

It was inconceivable to the parents of the white girls that maybe the black girls were just better.

But there’s no such thing as white privilege…

(I’ll also mention per @Mindysan33 that this could just as easily have happened in Portland as in Mississippi.)


Ah, the handbook. For parents, it always comes down to the student handbook – what is written in it and what isn’t.

I know I mentioned it before, but the high where I taught had a student whose parents threatened the district with a lawsuit because he cheated, got caught, and was disqualified from becoming the class valedictorian. (Parents: “Nowhere in the student handbook does it say that if you’re caught cheating, you can’t be the valedictorian.”)

Goddamn student handbook.


More about CRT, manipulation, and fear-mongering:


Yet more:


That was a great read. I love Harriot’s prose. One gem:

Seventeen seventy-six was just the year a bunch of white guys wrote a breakup letter to King George saying the American colonies were tired of being England’s sidepiece.


Another great one from Amber Ruffin on this, too:


Article doesn’t seem to want to onebox unless I write this here.


“White males are repeatedly characterized as repressive and to some degree responsible for the inequities. This … implies reverse discrimination,” the letter said. It was signed by Dr. Claudette Dalton, a member of the AMA’s Southeastern delegation, four other physicians and five state delegations representing 68 AMA delegates.

When reading comments like this, I want to ask these folks, “So, who do you believe was largely responsible for the inequities?” It might help expose the foundation of misinformation, ignorance, or bias that they’re using to hold up their house of cards.