Black Lives Matter. Still




That is a unique kink that could only happen with a wealthy white man. In any other circumstance, this would not be a kink, but would be a serial murderer.


Note that sex workers are regularly charged with murder or manslaughter when their drug-using clients overdose.










When Obama said “you didn’t make this” he got crucified for it. I think white people hate it when black people point out that they (whites) had an awful lot of help to get where they are. Some folks cant handle reality.



Not only is it important to remember the oppression experienced by MLK while giving his amazing orations, but it’s important to remember that this was in 1960. My Mom & Dad were in college. My Grandparents were middle aged.

This isn’t ancient history by any means, and the teenagers and young adults that burned crosses or dumped their food on black people’s heads are probably still alive. I feel like that is something no one ever talks about, and that while people are chomping on the bit to complain about ruining someone’s life over their racist actions we are living with people that were the ones that did all this and got away with no long-term consequences whatsoever.


One that I hadn’t heard of until now:


Some good news, for a change.




What the fuck? That’s what 12 year olds are like.




Marched in Sydney today for Indigenous Justice.
Massive turnout rejecting the colonial basis of our national day and showing support for our First People.