"Blatantly unlawful": companies use Facebook targeting to ensure older workers don't see help-wanted ads

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Damm you, Facebook!


Right, because a law that covers screwing up national infrastructure data systems, international banking, major manufacturing, clearly applies to fibbing about your age on a f-ing social media site.


Facebook: "We’re geniuses! We don’t understand the consequences of what we’re doing! … We’re geniuses! We don’t understand the consequences of what we’re doing! "

Rinse and repeat.


But, But, But, Fbook would never do anything to hurt US citizens.


OH no, don’t hire old people, with established work backgrounds, old school work ethics, and willing to work below what they are worth due to a shit economy. At least some of us…


Oh God, what? I never knew Facebook (or anyone else for that matter) argued that lying to them about yourself is a felony. That is hilarious as well as disturbing.

Will I go to jail if Valve finds out I’m not actually 117 years old?


Steam and Facebook are pretty different. On Steam you are the customer. On Facebook, as many people are fond of reminding us, you are the product.

I think, though, maybe it’s more accurate to say that on Facebook you are an insignificant rounding error in the product.


I was forced into retirement last July because the assholes at the company where I worked for 43 years decided that they needed a younger (cheaper) workforce. I’m 65 and had planned to work another 5 years or as long as I could stay healthy. The only thing that makes it better for me is that I heard from a co-worker that the company is in financial trouble and may be dumped by their corporate overlords in Canada. If that happens I’d feel bad for maybe 3 or 4 people. The rest can fuck off and die. Especially the douche canoe I reported to.


I suppose that also older people will use other channels to find work before try on Facebook, like Likedin or classified ads. Because they know, especially if they’re in the IT sectors, the real scope of Facebook and who is the customer.

Or they are clever and are searching the more gullible employees to make them to work overtime without reason and not expecting loyality…

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People post job ads on Facebook!? Are these like, “I make $65,000 per day working from home cashing totally reliable cheques sent to me from Pakistan” ? Because that’s generally what I would expect. (That’s why I have an ad blocker.)


I don’t see them either (I use Social Fixer), but before I installed Social Fixer I’d see ads for part-time home health care aides, uber/lyft drivers, basically anything part-time/precarious/insecure/gig-based.

Heh, they must be mad that I use this profile picture on Facebook too. How dare people not give up their data freely! *shakes fist*

How long before Facebook is either dismantled by the government or becomes the government?

The latter is more likely as Zuckerberg continues on his “I’m totally not running for President” tour of the country.


Life clocks are a lie! Carousel is a lie! THERE IS NO RENEWAL!


It’s not necessarily FB ads, its ads on other sites using FB’s info.

When the 1986 law that Facebook wants to use was drafted, the only computers that were involved in commerce were government/corporate mainframes/bank machines with DES with fairly dedicated links.

There already were plenty of normal laws against theft, fraud, credit fraud, etc, but the scary movie Wargames was just two years before and they wanted a “Thou shalt not fuck with National Security or the Instrumentalities of Power” law.

Time and technology marches on, so now a Raspberry Pi, running a mom-n-pop store site, where you can order jars of craft honey, is covered by that same heavy hammer.

Unfortunately, judges can only work with the law in front of them, so they can’t easily say “This is an obsolete crock of shit and doesn’t apply”. (Assuming that they understood the technology to know that.)

ETA: Is there anything on Facebook that you can buy, sell, pay money for? (I assume that there’s b-caps or t-shirts or something.) If not, then they probably fall out of the protection for commerce computers.


Here are some of the things currently being pimped by FB on the left-hand side of an FB page:
Order Food
Buy and Sell Groups

…and you can pay FB to push your own thing to the top of what people see in any of those categories. So perhaps the commerce laws that apply here are the ones that would have applied to newspaper advertising and classified sections, back in the day.

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That isn’t really you?

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