Bletchley Park's archives being digitised




Cool. Now I can fact check ‘Enigma’.


I want to see how many times Turning wrote “I am a homosexual you ignorant twat” in unbreakable code…


mercury is used to make things like mercury fulminate. when a war is on, you need det cord and the like…


Wait, why are there references to some American named Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse and a German named Hacklheber? I don’t remember them in any history books. . .


There’s a really good BBC mini series about the codebreakers called Bletchley Circle:



At first I just wanted to ‘like’ this but then I found that I was compelled to point out that you’d have to breake the unbreakable code first, so …
Sorry about the pedantry.

‘Sometimes it’s not easy being me.’ - Douglas Adams


Defined as unbreakable at the time…


You are technically correct. The best kind of correct!

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