Blind cat hugs phone when his favorite pianist is playing


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That’s very sweet (: adorable kitty too


It must be the music. It’s not because he liked the video.


Heart broken.


We need a box of kittens STAT


Finally something on the internet better than the original “keyboard cat.”


Now I really want a kitten.




My wife and I had a chihuahua named Bob (r.i.p., little guy) who hated Rachmaninov. It was the strangest thing. When Rachmaninov would play, he would growl and snarl while looking at the stereo. No other music ever caused him to react that way.


Cats like warm things.


Might’ve been some notes in a range that that particular composer liked to use that particularly annoyed your dog. Definitely a curious thing, poor puppers.


We demand more rigorous scientific studies of this phenomena!


Cats like Sarper’s music - watch his videos…


I’m not crying, you’re crying!


That is one savage breast!


One of the good things to happen to me on Tumblr…

i was feeling very low one day and saw the original video on my dashboard. i sent a note to Sarper thanking him for making my day…he sent back a lovely reply, “Beautiful soul, do not fret”. A dear man.

Thank you again Sarper.




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