Cat enjoys relaxing and playing piano with owner

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More cats from Istanbul


This guy and his little friend have been my regular dose of “Awww…” for a while.

He’s also on YouTube at

That cat just luuuves that guy, as he does that cat.


The second… hey human cut out that silly keyboard crap and give me scritches!

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man, istanbul is the greatest city.

There is no amount of catnip (or acepromazine) that would make either one of my cats be that chill. Alpha Cat would be all, “No,” with her cat dignity offended, and Other Cat would insist on improvising on her own. Neither one of them considers stomping across the piano keys in the wee hours beneath their dignity, though.

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meanwhile in Japan…


Actually, I think I know how this works. My cats have figured out when I sit on the sofa, it either means nap time or movie time. Either way, it means snuggles.

This cat doesn’t give a damn about music, of course. He’s just learned that keyboard time means human sits still and makes a good lap.


According to my childhood piano teacher this is also how I looked when sitting at the keyboard.


I second that! A lovely, wonderful movie. I was lucky to see it in a theater.


My ovaries just exploded. :sparkling_heart:

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The cat then requested Hendrix “All Along the Watchtower” and a pint of Hagen Daz ice cream; asked owner if they could move to Colorado.

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Thanks for recommendation (it is about to appear in a local film festival).


It opened here in Rio last week. The critics were positive.

My new rescue cat, Ruby, would prefer it if I’d just cradle her in my arms as I walk around all day. I wish I could let her sit in my lap like this while I’m painting, but alas, cats and oil paint palettes don’t mix very well.


I also train parkour together with my dog. Do you want me to make videos as well?

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