#"Blitkoinz: now, more than ever!"®

bitcoins blitcoins blitkoins blitkoinz alternative currency currencies economics systems artificial things that don't exist if you don't want them to but do if you do want them to maybe and the wind is from the right direction


I want bOINGcOIN.

There’s surely enough skill here to knock it together.

ArsTechnica ran their own ArsCoin experiment where participants could buy flair next to their unames.


How much for a bushel of bitcorns?

I did some reading into a weird version of the idea wherein the value/work contributed to a community project could be represented through blockchain evolution but didn’t get very far past the conceptual framework stage (if that).

I might read back over it with a fresh set of eyes and see if I can make some sense of it… :slightly_smiling:

All I seem to be able to remember off the top of my head is that an upside down, lower case ‘b’ could be read as a ‘q’ and the alternate name could be de Lancie-coin.


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