BlueSky, Jack Dorsey's new Twitterlike platform, arrives in the App Store

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Hmmm…checks to see if this service/platform is run by a crypto-mad asshole with no real idea how to run and moderate a successful social network…

Um, no thank you


So, the same guy who built Twitter into a platform for misinformation, fascists, and grifting right wing crypto jack wads is offering us a new platform?

Sorry Jack, you had your chance. You went for the money first, stoking outrage with your algorithmic changes to twitter, and only later did you realize (maybe; jury is still out on if you learned anything) how fucked up that all was. That’s a pass for me, no matter how big it might get. Mastodon is great and I love it there.


Authenticated … Dransfer Protocol?


And someone who was himself the original free speech absolutist head of Twitter.

Seconding your “no thanks” I’ll stick with ActivityPub and the Fediverse.


Yeah looking like less of an asshole than Musk is great and all, but I’m going to resist saying that’s where the bar is now. See also the fond memories of W.


Jack’s a fucking Nazi, so fuck anything else he creates.

Also, what the fuck is it with every techbro being a Nazi or Nazi-adjacent.


But now there will be blockchain!


I suspect the response will be

The guy who made Twitter recreated Mastodon? Hmm, if you cared, you’d already be on one of those other things…


I’ve tried to read about this but I still don’t understand: How does moderation work on federated networks? In particular, how does moderation scale on federated networks? I think it’s absolutely clear that you need human moderators, but humans cost money, and a donor-based model simply doesn’t seem scalable. Am I missing something?


Ultimately, admins of Mastodon instances/servers will realise that they can’t moderate at scale for the reasons you mention. At that point, they’ll start capping their instance memberships at a level where moderation by the admins is feasible.

There will probably also be more selective and exclusive about who they let become members (e.g. friends and family only, members of the BigU geology dept only, etc.). There might also be paid membership instances or instances that are a value-added feature for certain situations where the userbase would be manageable (e.g. being a player in the NBA; being a trusted member of a BBS).

For existing early servers that currently have 10s or 100s of thousands of users, I expect the admins will start asking users to find or start a new instance and move their accounts. That feature is built into Mastodon.

On the federated level, moderation becomes a matter of the instance and/or their users banning certain other instances or users. This won’t change, although there will probably be informal registers of bad-faith instances (Nazis, TERFs, free-speech absolutists, Libertarians, etc.).


He has other stuff on his plate.


and IIRC, there are a number of instances that have already gotten themselves added to those informal registers, for a variety of reasons over and above those mentioned.

Personally, I will not be starting an instance, because I already have a full time job.


Bluesky is still downplaying the blockchain aspects of their protocol, which makes sense given how unpopular blockchain BS is these days, but those elements are still present. In fact NFTs, DAOs, and crypto seem to be important features in Bluesky’s timeline, which makes sense given that Dorsey is deep into crypto and Jay Graber, Bluesky’s CEO, is a former blockchain developer.

It’s like they decided to rebuild Mastodon but with speculative investment and expensive jpgs as core features.


Authenticated Dransfer Xrotocol


Slashdot seemed to have a moderation system that worked alright. Users are randomly selected for moderation duties, have 5? posts to moderate. Then they go in a queue for meta moderation, where other users determine if a post was fairly moderated.

That all gets put together in some big mixer to make a reasonably open, abuse resistant, fair moderation, where the work is distributed to the users. A bad actor who mods their posts incorrectly should be caught by meta mods, and taken out of rotation.

This, of course did not entirely remove penis bird, or petrified Natalie Portman covered in hot grits, but it was pretty good. Good enough to be one of the last sites you could post anon up until a few years ago.


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