Bob Marley's inspiring answer to journalist asking if he's a rich man

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He’s keenly aware of the western ideal of wealth and success. This obsession with consumerism as a measure of wealth and success, it’s interesting to see someone like him see through the bullshit and reject it


He did for a time own a BMW but said it was because it stood for Bob Marley and the Wailers.


I get the distinct impression the journalist is trying to pin some hypocrisy on him.

Of course Bob Marley made a good living with his music, but was he supposed to stop singing about “dem belly full but we hungry” simply because he was finally doing OK?

“Here’s some money, now shut up about injustice.”


Fool of a journalist has a chance to talk with an incredible artist and human being and instead of thanking him for the gifts he offers for our pleasure and enlightenment he sniffs around for something vile. What a sad man! After thanking him for sharing his talents I’d ask him for a hit off that joint. It beats the hell out of communion wafers. yeah pun away on that last bit.


There was a documentary about Rock Steady that has a segment with Rita showing the one room shack they used to live in. Almost everything is a step up from that. But he rejected materialism, and never forgot where he came from, even as he made enough that even his grandkids don’t really need to work.


It was extremely uncomfortable to hear Jimmy Kimmel ask Eddy Murphy how rich he is in thier recent interview. Eddy Murphy handled it well…but seriously yuck.

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