Bocce ball – A summer evening lawn game that is simple yet competitively addictive


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7000 years?
Citation is needed.


They did make things a bit better back then.


Bocce is a lot of fun. But you know what’s moar fun…?


What am I talking about. Archery is even more fun, and without practice I can shoot 25+ yards with okay accuracy (not good enough for hunting or competition, and recurve not compound).


I think that’s a typo and they meant 2K.
Either way, it’s indeed fun to play.


“Bocce balls!” Forever immortalized as the exclamation of the Park Service Ranger, played by Lowell Ganz, as he watched a naked Daryl Hannah emerge from the water at the Statue of Liberty, in the movie Splash.

“Welcome to the Statue of Liberty. The Statue is a gift from French citizens and has come to symbolize hope for naked women everywhere. BOCCE BALLS”!


Kubb is the summer lawn game of kings! Yeah, you can buy a set, but if you do any woodworking, you probably have all you need to make a serviceable set in your scrap pile. Plans are easily found online.


Here you go: a 7,000-year-old receipt for a “Lil’ Alalngar Bocce Ball” playset, written plain as day.


Are those converse styled crocs? I think we have a competitor for new worst shoe ever.


I dislike the term “bocce ball” as much as some dislike “■■■■■”. In basketball, baskets are involved, baseball, bases, football, feet, etc. but you aren’t playing with “bocces” you are playing a game called bocce. I know I can’t stop anyone but it feels good to tell people.

Same with hieroglyphic. Nobody points to the sphinx to remark on the Egyptian monolithic.


I dunno, the range (public park in S Ca if you can actually believe that) where I practiced archery growing up had a bocce court right next to it. On any weekend day there were usually at least a dozen elderly gentlemen , probably about two dozen bottles of wine, and they seemed to be having a right good time (more fun than can be had safely whilst handling weapons).


You can’t fool me so easily. It’s only 4000 years old and it’s a printout of a Facebook page.


Bocce? Real men ( :wink: ) play Boules. Totally different!


So the French are real men and the Italians aren’t?
That’s an argument not to get into.


Pétanque, a weighty game…


Silly arguments over regional games? Unheard of!


Boules? So you toss bread?

I guess… But wouldn’t clam chowder be better?


I’ll tell you in about 20 minutes when it’s cooled enough to eat.

(edit: yes, this bread is slightly better than throwing balls around)


Pfft. Real men pitch shoes.


Or hand grenades. They are similar in that they are just about the only thing where getting close still counts, as my grandfather and others of his generation liked to say.