How to make a shiny ball out of aluminum foil


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Note, this process does NOT start with three minutes in the microwave at full power!


This guy got a little carried away with his…


He is, however, safe from the orbital mind-control lasers :space_invader:


Oh, I thought it was going to be this:

Microwaved this foil ball for 3 minutes and this was the result

(I see @davide405 already got there.)


it does look cool, but when you’re done… THEN what? just look at it? start on a second one?


I threw mine at the moon.


You move on from aluminium to beryllium and make your own atomic clock.


Put it in one of these. Tell your friends it’s depleted uranium.


It’s all about the journey, man.


You make enough to play boules at the village court,or fire them from your cannon. :grinning:

As I watched the video I thought of a bunch of ways to speed up the process using old school metalworking hand tools - but purists might think it was cheating. Being in Japan, I was thinking you could use some kind of non-foil nucleus, like the mother of pearl beads at the center of cultured pearls. Maybe a golf ball.


So this looks like fun. Is very finely ground aluminum a safe substance to have, like, sprinkled over your kitchen counters?

Update: probably not a hazard unless you’re snorting it


Flatten it out and make a knife, obviously :slight_smile:


Aluminum dust is a very serious explosion hazard. Be careful.


No no … you make a [woo]katana[/woo]


No no no no NO!

Petanque is a serious sport, and you can’t use non-standard boules for it. Aside, aluminium is probably the fourth shittiest metal to use for a boule.


I’ve always been taken by the idea of working on dorodango, but I’ve been put off by being lazy, impatient and a monumental klutz. This metal version seems even cooler, but no more likely for me to actually do…

Also, that guy sure has a lot of grills in his back garden.


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I’ll leave sandpapering and polishing beryllium to somebody else. Ideally a robot in a sealed compartment with copious dust controls and excellent filtration.


Ach, you’re no fun anymore.