Bodypainted models blend perfectly into New York City




Interesting that the real city backdrop seems to blend better with the painted models than the painted backdrop on this birch tree piece:



My gosh how lovely.


Cool. I can’t see the perfectly painted model in any of the photos. Just her slightly less capable colleague with almost perfect camouflage.


I don’t guess I need to add encouragement to get anyone to view the whole photo set, but I found this one to be exceptionally great and creative, so I’ll just put it out here.


Does this painting of half the Manhattan skyline make my butt look big?


This guy is doing the same thing … just better. (some links seem to be broken in the original article so I added another link)!4098


I though of him right away, too. He’s doing something slightly different. He’s consistently closer to his background and almost merges into them. He seems to be going for an effect of near invisibility. She’s clearly not. The effect it more like that of a transparent person with a vista behind; personally, I find them more to have more of a sense of mystery and be less like a magic trick. I love both of them, though.


I really like Verushka’s body painting photos from the 70’s and 80’s. From what I understand, she did a lot of her own make up too.


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