Woman paints her body into Superman and it's incredible


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Wow, she even nailed Batman’s signature sexy little wiggle.


Anyone know about what kind of paint she uses? I have a decent Joker costume, but the crap face paint is crap. I was thinking though, wait, the stuff my kid gets put on at fairs and what this lady uses seems to dry and not smear everywhere. I would like just a basic kid to do some cosplay maybe.

Sooo - anyone know what type/brands to look for?


look for stage or theater make-up - water-resistent and nearly smearproof


Wow! Fantastic paint jobs there! Quite the contrast seeing her from up front and sideways. Kinda like a … fold-out?


I think I prefer the one-minute version over the 15-hour ordeal.


Pretty anemic Superman with the strangest pects ever.


I beg to differ - I wouldn’t throw him out of Kandor for eating crackers.


That pretty much sums up the reviews for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Everybody has a superpower.

(Mine is organizing office supplies. She wins this round.)


Her build is perfect for the Spiderman body painting, but it was weird to see Superman so skinny.


Amazing artistry.


I might have actually bought a ticket to see that last movie if I’d heard it included a scene of Ben Affleck dancing the Batusi.


The combination of sharp, square comic book angles painted on a curvy body makes an unsettling (but pretty cool) optical effect.


I’ll bet you a massive part of getting that look is technique as well as the paint. It’s really amazing.



I imagine she must also have amazing intuition for perspective. Projecting straight lines onto a curved surface wouldn’t look as angular, so I’m guessing she compensates for her body’s curves so her chest looks flatter from in front. When she turns, the illusion is partly broken.

Anyway, simply amazing art.


Whether fancy or no frills, I reckon you’d have to look on the darknet if you want to buy or rent a kid.


Aw, jeez – Mister44 makes a perfectly innocent comment, and you have to go and take it into Republican Speaker of the House territory.


I thought it was pretty funny though, so I am going to leave it up.

When my kid was smaller, I totally wanted to dress her up as Yoda and put her on my back and dress as Luke in Dagobah garb.

Just didn’t have the funds to make that happen…