Woman transforms herself into Betty Boop


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Gorgeously done; kudos to her.

And since it’s still Black History Month:


Well, blow me down.


Eye sockets aren’t supposed to be capable of expanding like that, are they?


(Graves Disease.)


I always found Betty-boo to be proper creepy.


Well there’s yer problem!



I beg to disagree.


It was her “Drawn Together” equivalent, Toots, who really understood creepy.


Great job! Another classic character from the 30s still lives on!


Now, that Betty-boo I was fine with.


Her boyfriend Bimbo was invited to join the Klan, or maybe the Illuminati, and must have been given drugs before she thwarted their evil plan.


I’m slightly uncomfortable with how attractive I find this cosplay.


I’d boop it.


Not really obligatory, but worth posting…


i need one of those butt spanking exercise bikes!


Always been a Boop fan, even got my daughter into her as a tot. I saw this sequence in college and it blew me away. The dancing is rotoscoped over actual footage of Cab Calloway. The animation is so trippy, no one has done anything commercial like this, that I’ve seen, since Yellow Submarine.

Another Calloway sequence


Way too much chin.


The facts in your linked article were mildly interesting, but geez - what a trashy site, with the breathless ‘you won’t believe’ crap and the bullshit click-harvesting of stretching a one-page article to three…

Kinda made me feel slightly violated.


Yeah, I hear you; but I didn’t feel like scouring the net for the less sensational version of that story which I’d read a few years back.