Boing Boing at XOXO Fest


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Aww, I came to the comments page to see which kitten was which, and no one has chipped in yet!

And I’m not brave (nor foolish enough) to leap into the fray.

That said, the silver kitten third from the left is Xeni. :slight_smile:


Well Xeni, I think the cutest and smartest one represents you…up to you to figure out which one that is.

me and the sig oth agree from left to right its Mark, Pesco, Xeni, and Cory. pooor Pesco looks a little squished!

these look like those toy kittens that are made out of real kitten fur. i don’t understand the concept, but maybe it has to do with not having to clean up after them. regardless, they still come with the kitten diseases like adoreableaness, just that they are not as animated.
the hollywood blvd souvenir shops used to sell them.

Redundant Array of Independent Kittens.


Well frag damnit! I’m going to be clomping around a muddy rocket launch field this weekend.

More warning next time, darnit!

Apologies all, for I am intermittently retardedly ov=bious. I blame a lifetime of abuse absently, for I’d rather engage than blame, nowadays, anyway. Please forgive me.

I’m a repentant mutant, eh? Definitely worthy of love, no?

I continue to hope so…


P.S. I’m last-posting abroad tonight; maybe here too. Indubitably out.

Do they really have toy kittens made out of real kitten fur? If so, that is completely cruel and disgusting. Source? Or are you just kidding.

Your answer here - decides whether I nuke the whole planet or not.


From space, even. :wink:

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Will there be video available?

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