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Here’s this year’s complete Boing Boing Gift Guide: dozens of great ideas for stocking stuffers, brain-hammers, mind-expanders, terrible toys, badass books and more. Where available, we use Amazon Affiliate links to help keep the world’s greatest neurozine online.

I like having a garment that tells me what to do

“They look like us.”
“They were us until a rogue AI took control of their smart garments. Now they are mindless drones hunting the last of the free humans.”


This needs a jump in blog view, seriously. The post is like 3/4ths of the page.


While I realize there is no :banana:,
"Look at it, just look at it."™


This gift guide is not bad at all, and really is a directory of mostly wonderful things. I enjoyed seeing what everyone recommended.


I was right there until this:

the Intellivision really sucked.

And welp, BB had a gone run but it’s time to purify this heresy with Fire. All of it. No trace can remain.


Yes, the Intellivision wasn’t nearly as popular as the Atari 2600, and didn’t have nearly as many games, but it was superior from a technical perspective. Those of us of a certain age remember George Plimpton supplementing his Paris Review career by promoting how the Intellivision had sports games that actually looked like the sport in question unlike the 2600.


Yeah, “superior from a technical perspective” didn’t make the Harley VROD fun either.


As I recall what made the Intellivision suck was the controllers which broke all the damn time.


I cannot wait until my boy is old enough to read Lizard Music. I stumbled upon it in fourth grade, and it honestly changed my life.


Good guide! (Tho, just sayin’ – Mark did the blurb on a Steely Dan? Something about that is either completely wrong…or completely right; -)

Always happy to see the BB empire grow, but imagine my surprise to see –


part of a network. you’ll likely see their stuff here too.


A food processor? Do people buy food processors for people for holidays? I’d have expected to see some Cognitive Surplus glassware on there… chemistry in the kitchen? Yes please.


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