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Thank you BB for posting thought provoking topics and thank you to everyone that posts. I am delighted daily by the things I learn here. Be safe tonight.


Thanks Bob and the mutie crew. Been a blast.

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Did we ever free Ol’ Dildo from captivity?

No Questions thread. This post is incorrect.


We are truly mutants.


> Rain keeps running down the window pane.
> Time is running out for me.

> Can’t you see what you are doing to me?
> Can’t you see what you have done?
> As I try to pass another long and sleepless night,
> A hundred crazy voices call my name,
> As I try to pass them by,

> I almost can believe that you are here,
> Here in the the glow of the night.


That’s an old fave, thanks. And Happy New Year!

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Any of the gun threads?


Thanks for the effort! Looking forward to spending more time with this post.

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When I wrote that it was highly problematic, especially in its dependence upon the semiotics of cisgendered discourse, I had no idea how many people would become angry without even reading the article.

I can’t help being cisgendered. And you spelled my name wrong.

Seriously, though, does this list include all the clicks you must have gotten for offering 98% off educational videos that teach you how to tighten up the graphics on level three? Or the monthly 85% off lifetime subscriptions to a VPN with a slightly different name than last month’s VPN?


This is what I get every time I put in the wrong address:

Nude 16 year olds, Bernie Sanders and @OtherMichael. As I suspected.


I’m only in there once!

What a gyp.


When do we mourn our lost and fallen siblings?

Wither @SmashMartian et alia?


[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:71405”]It will not surprise you, however, to learn that the traffic charts were mostly dominated by posts such as Mark Frauenfelder’s 16-year-old girl who took nude selfie photos faces adult sex charges, a perfect storm of absurdity, injustice and authoritarianism[/quote]Absurdity, injustice and auhoritarianism, yes! These were clearly the driving force behind all the righteous clicks that brought people to the story about the nude selfies of the 16-year-old girl.

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