Signs of Our Righteous Outrage




I couldn't think of anything constructive to comment.


This is my comment. Checkmate, NSA!


Very funny. Some NSFW, heads up.


Yeah, that would have been nice to know before I loaded blowjob porn on my work computer. frowning Usually boingboing is better about that...


Agreed, the NSFW caught me by surprise.


It must be a sign. smiley


Even (in)famous celebrities are getting on board!


Oh my god. OH MY GOD. "Chuck D's Christmasberry Splash" is the funniest thing I've seen in entirely too long.


The appeal of the blog would be so much higher if there was only some way to avoid the NSFW content (and it has some of the LSFW content I've ever encountered).


the dude in that B&W photo is rocking that outfit. just had to say that.




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