Royal feud, Cosby’s hell, Aniston trapped, and alternate universes, in this week’s dubious tabloids


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“Jen Trapped in Honeymoon Murder Hell!”

Oh, I’ve done that too.


I always wonder why this particular feature exists on your site. This is my first (and last) reading.
Seems like a waste of space and energy, but they are yours to waste, of course.


Coincidentally, I came here to say this same thing. I have negative interest in what tabloids have to say. The fact that the Boingers think this is one of the features that deserves to always be displayed in its entirety has always puzzled me. If it were displayed as the normal “teaser” format I probably would never have commented. I’m disappointed in Boing Boing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I once worked with a woman who thought one of these rags was printing the gospel truth. Worse, she read Weekly World News (which, actually, I kinda miss; it was sort of The Onion of its day).


I definitely miss that one. Bat Boy and Jake the Alligator Man were creations of pure surreal genius.

If you are ever in Long Beach WA you can go see the actual Jake the Alligator Man if you are into that kind of thing.


Of course not… Chocolate cake and conniptions. Duh.


Bat Boy: The Musical is actually a thing :slight_smile:


In the early 80s I worked at a convenience store and we had The WWN on the counter as an impulse buy. One day the cover said “I Had A Space Alien’s Baby”. At the end of the first day, where literally everyone who came to the counter either commented on it, or made one of the same 4 jokes, we put it out of sight behind the counter. It was the only way to stop the insanity.


I actually got an invite to Eugenie’s wedding.
Well, not really, but I have a friend who works there who said “why not come down that weekend, we can sit on the porch and laugh at the rich people”.


I found Sheridan’s post sharp witted and well written. We could use a little more humor in these broken times, and I’m thankful for scribes like Sheridan that offer levity to us. Danny


Glad you enjoyed it. That doesn’t change my failure to enjoy it one bit, but I’m glad you got a chuckle out of it.


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