Roy Horn lives, China lied, and Murder Hornets Swarm America, in this week’s dubious tabloids

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Great news for Las Vegas entertainer Roy Horn, who has made a “miracle recovery" from his "COVID deathbed!” according to this week’s ‘National Enquirer.’


Is Peter Sheridan even a real author? I don’t think so. I think these are spam.

Please @markfrauenfelder, @xeni, @beschizza, and @doctorow. Let’s stop these. No one likes these. They’re weird. They don’t fit the boing boing vibe at all.


Thank you for your comment, which has been noted! Yes, Peter is real, a wonderful person, and a top-notch journalist. No, they aren’t spam, but it would be a neat trick if they were! We aren’t stopping them, because I love them. Yes, they are weird. Boing Boing is all about weird. I started Boing Boing in 1987 and I state with full authority that Peter’s column perfectly fits the Boing Boing vibe.


Okay, thanks for the reply at least! I tried googling them and didn’t find much.



I like them. Have you looked at the prices lately?

Yeah, these are not my favorite Boing Boing posts either. I grew up in a household where my mom religiously bought these rags and I think the bullshit they feed into society is a net negative (literally what I view as the original - and truly - “fake news”). And that’s not even getting into how the people who got rich off them support the Trumps of the world. So I’m far from unbiased about these and admittedly can’t share the humorous fun of poking holes in them since they’re doing so much harm.

But ultimate it’s Boing Boing’s site, they can post what they like, and plenty of other folks seem to like them. There’s lots of other great content here for us to enjoy.


yeah there’s a lot of other stuff on BoingBoing to read if one doesn’t like these. Just skip it, right?

But seeing them all the time, so clearly featured, makes me cringe.

BoingBoing is about uncovering offbeat and less-known content that deserves a wider audience. Yet here we have the claptrap that’s been in the grocery isle for decades and needs no more promotion. It’s already at saturation point, and it’s impossible to get away from…even at BoingBoing.

And as humor it falls flat. Such an easy target. We’ve been making fun of these since we were 10 years old, so I don’t see where the wit or subtlety is.


I find it kinda awkward that the OP immediately got put on blast on Twitter for questioning George Lucas about Jar Jar.

I agree. As I have said in the comments of the last few installments: this is doing the exact same thing as the tabloids itself. Whether you read the real thing or the gleeful retelling on Boing Boing, at the end of the day you are reading tabloids. And nobody should be reading tabloids.

Usually I am very much of a live and let live mindset but some societal and media trends, such as tabloids and reality television are just too harmful to society to ignore.


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