Book about MAD artist great Jack Davis


Yeah, this thing is amazing. I’ve gotten all the other recent EC re-issues, but none have made me salivate like this one, from the instant i heard it was coming out, until i was cracking it open with my grubby mitts and shoving every beautiful scallop-shaped Davis penstroke into my eyeballs.

This book is a must-have for anyone who has ever loved a comic book. These EC Artist’s Editions are the next-greatest things to owning the original art, with full-sized, warts(upon warts)-and-all reproduction, you can pore over every coffee stain, every editor’s note, every blacked-out decision, or whited-out mistake to visually connect with these pieces in a way never before possible. Dunbier and the IDW crew have really done us all a favor with these breathtaking editions.


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