Book Discussion Thingie - Book The Second! - Initial Nomination Thread AKA BBBBSBC 2 - Non-Fiction Boogaloo


Yes, it was in the survey from before.



Can I just say: even if it’s not the perfect choice, I’m really enjoying being in a book group with all of you, so let’s make a decision and get back in gear!

Also, anyone heard from @Raita?


Nope. Hope she’s doing well.


One more - A history of white people by Nell Irvin Painter:


Are we going to vote on this?

I’m willing to go with 1491.


Sure, great…whatever it takes to get started on book #2.


I second One Nation Under God and The Book on the Bookshelf.


Finally the Count to 10,000 game produces something of merit:


Yeah, come on folks party people guys y’all Constant Readers… get y’shit together and let’s vote!

@jerwin seems torn between 1177 BC and 1491, whereas I’m seconding One Nation Under God and The Book on the Bookshelf. Rest of you guys gonna vote, or are jerwin and I gonna have to flip for it once he resolves his 2,668-year time-travel discrepancy?


Cool. You opening the voting thread for it? Don’t want to step on your toes here. :smile:


I aten’t much of a non-fiction type, but I have been meaning to read Capital in the Twenty-First Century, and One Nation Under God doesn’t sound objectionable. Does that help?


Okey doke. I’ll do it. Good point anyway; I’d kind of been assuming we’d be voting here, but that would be a bit messy. Gimme a minute and I’ll post a vote thread.

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