Extinction Point, a gripping tale of the Earth under siege


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I’ve read this, and the other books in the series. It’s a fun, short series that is worth a read.

1 and 2 were pretty good but the characters were rather flat and the dialogue is awful. The alien infestation is imaginative - a ramped up War of the Worlds Red Weed with a touch of triffid. Book 3 seemed incredibly rushed though - he missed an opportunity to expand on the real cause of the infestation. I kind of got the feeling that this was an epic movie in the author’s head and he struggled to do it justice on the page.

I’m planning to read 2 and 3 soon. I hope the dog keeps on kicking ass.

Hmm. That sounds suspiciously like the set up for Chubby Rain, the fictional Z-grade movie depicted in Bowfinger.

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A heroic dog? Is this science fiction, or purest fantasy? Now, a heroic cat I could understand.

You must be from that crazy parallel universe where Spock has a beard and Kirk resists the advances of a woman.

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Don’t bother with this one. The main protagonist is so fantastically horrible at even comprehending their situation, and reacting to it, that you’d think it was some kind of plague where only the smart people were killed, leaving the complete idiots to bumble around the bereft landscape.

If you like the idea of “Idiocracy”, where complete idiots rule the earth, except they might be armed with shotguns, then by all means pick up this stilted tribute to the finest example of a “lucky fool”.

The ending in the first book made me think that the author had to go to the bathroom so badly, they just dashed off some half-baked solution before submitting it to their publisher/editor.

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