Book discussion thingie P3 - Reading "The Quarry"

That’s a good amount of chapters, just the right length too. I’m all for one chapter a week, if that speed is okay for everyone. Though how much time will we leave for discussion - will we be discussing each chapter during the next week, while we read the next one? Or do we try to finish the chapter in like 4 days, and leave 3 days for discussion (that seems too tight of a schedule in my opinion)?

@Donald_Petersen beat you to it, but thank you anyway. :smile:

But of course, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s wait and see what people’s opinions are on the way we discuss this book.

I’m gonna link this again so people who want to can go and vote:

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General Hospital spoilers suck.

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And the options are what? I mean, I thought we were having voting here now? Or is this vote for this book, because before I head out and drop $50 or whatever on it, I want to make sure I’m getting the right one. :smile:

No, this is voting for how we read and discuss The Quarry - whether we do a chapter-by-chapter (or similiarly in parts) discussion or read the whole book and only then discuss it. As I said above, the voting is not mandatory, it’s just gives us some guidance. Your opinion here is taken into account just as well, if you can’t join Loomio.

But really, is there no way for you to get the book from library? Or some sort of e-book? If it’s that expensive for you, maybe we can help you out (I’m poor as crap, but I’ll throw in some money if it helps)?

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Ahh, righto. I don’t really have an opinion on that, so it’s fine. I dunno what’s being discussed elsewhere so it’s tricky to keep up to speed on what and which. S’all cool. I’m just a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

Not from the first. Libraries need things that I can’t provide them to get a library card. And I’d honestly prefer dead-tree for study stuff. Tipp-ex and scribbled notes in margins tend to make e-reading pricy. :wink:

And it’s not necessarily a cash issue either. I just hate feeding the predatory scumbags that comprise the Australian book-selling industry.

I’m fine with that, and with what @Donald_Petersen and @Raita said about it.



I have heard stories that ebooks are wildly available on pirate websites.


Did Luke & Laura ever find the Ice Princess?


Felt compelled to post this one here.

When you see it…

sorry for the roll


It occurs to me that, for the moment at least, we’re mostly waiting for everyone to get the book, and discussing the schedule in a rather unhurried fashion until then. Should we maybe mount a new poll on Loomio where everyone only votes Thumbs-Up once they’ve obtained the book? Seems like it might be an easy way to keep track of who we’re waiting on before the starting gun. (Not so we can be rude about it, just so we know when we’re all ready to start.)

People who are in the Book Thingie who don’t yet have the book can vote Abstain until the book shows up, then change their vote to Thumbs Up. That way, we won’t be waiting on someone we thought was going to be reading with us, but actually dropped out of the Thingie for some reason without remembering to let us know.

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8 votes! One for each chapter!

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I can’t quite tell if you’re making fun of me, De’Ath, but that would be one way to cue the conversation rather than a hard & fast deadline for each chapter. Suppose the deadline for having read Chapter 5 is Valentine’s Day, but we all happen to have read it by the 12th? Should we wait until the appointed day? Or, if we give the thumbs-up on that chapter once we’ve read it, could we then start discussin’ once we’ve all voted Thumbs-Up?

It ain’t a totally stupid idea.

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I really quite like the idea of reading one chapter at a time, discussing it here and then moving on but I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself. The rest of the chapters are right there man!

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Josiah Burke uploaded this image to

Me either. I’d say once a critical mass of people have the book (determined by poll?) set a date for the first review thread soon after, then start it and see how it goes.


I know what you mean. I am 20 pages in, but I have decided to stop until everyone else starts. And it’s not easy for me, as I do so love to read. But I have that dumb Alien novel to finish in the meantime, so I’m not hurting.

This kinda puts me in mind of learning how not to prematurely ejaculate. During the first few efforts at intercourse, a fella’s (usually) overwhelming impulse is to get to an orgasm as soon as possible. You have to train yourself to have the self control necessary to delay the climax, thus richening the overall experience for (hopefully) all concerned.


My upcoming book about tantric yoga. ‘The unturned page’.


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How do you keep an idiot in suspense?


I’ll tell you later. :person_with_blond_hair:


Nice humblebrag.

Anyone who even casually followed Badass Waste Dragons knows your ability to put off a climax.