Book says Daddy Koch built Nazi oil refinery & hired a Nazi nanny for his boys, who blackmailed their gay brother


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It’s nice to have all the dirty laundry in one place. Sadly, the only part of the OP that’s new information to me is the inheritance lawsuit and blackmail. The brothers Koch overplayed their hand with the Tea Party. They could’ve continued to operate quietly for a good long time if they hadn’t been so sloppy in hiring the first several “activists.”


Kock Bros. and the TeaBagger GOP wear their willful hate of the USA, ignorance and anti-intellectualism, illiteracy as a badge of honor.


I want to read it. I hope many do.

coquere = kochen
IPA: [kɔχ]
If I was them I might insist on mispronouncing my name also.

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”.
Finally a thread that can’t be Godwinned.

Thought of this xkcd.


The only news here to me are the Nazi connections, although it doesn’t surprise me since he also did business with Stalin. He was probably disappointed he couldn’t hit the large-scale mass murderer trifecta by building a refinery for Mao.

Like you say, nice to have all of the family’s shady and destructive dealings in one place. More people should know about how they created the Teabagger “movement” by funding astroturf organisations like FreedomWorks, and blackmailing the brother out of his share of the inheritance shows that these two have all the business ethics of Mortimer and Randolph Duke.


but you codwined the thread - Kochen is German for cooking


The Kochs have certainly done their share of promoting “kinder küche kirche” in America.


I did Nazi that coming.
Has this now devolved into a food-thread?


Can that oil refinery make cooking oil?


the funny thing is that only in America could they have gotten away with that.



Well, except the Koch brothers are individualist libertarians, and the Nazis were collectivist socialists who believed individual rights were to be subsumed to the interests of a famously centralized, bureaucratic state. But you know, BoingBoing and all that.


not sure yet. but if everyone chips in while the noodle water is cooking we may see a delicious dinner at the end of the fermentation.



Noting that the Kochs not only profited off Nazis (and Stalin) and were literally raised by a Nazi nanny is a very different criticism from a claim that the Kochs are aligned with Nazi economic policy.

A good criticism might be to ask if it’s appropriate to pass blame onto children for the behavior of their parents.

A bad criticism would be to reinterpret that criticism as claiming they’re literally Nazis, and then talking about the Nazis using terms like ‘libertarian,’ ‘collectivist,’ and ‘socialist,’ with their modern connotations. This adds nothing but confusion. The Nazis, while “socialist,” didn’t nationalize industry (save a few banks early in their reign), and ran a command economy that was militarized crony-capitalism, but they need to be understood on their own terms.

I’m pretty sure the complaints about the Nazis weren’t along the lines of the Nazis being a menace to the world due to their economic policies, but were complaints about their military conquests and their terrible ideas about and treatment of Jews, the disabled, homosexuals, and other minorities.


Oh, are you that guy? Are you feeling that Nationalsozialisten were socialists and belong on the left side of the political spectrum?

Preposterous! Who has ever heard of mega capitalist dynasties being Nazis?


Next time I’ll use shorter words.

Watch: AMAZING slam poem about policing women's speech habits

Thanks! Please do your best to actually make sense as well. :+1:


On the topic of understanding words, please refer to @nemomeno’s comment. I have some short words for you myself but I shall refrain.


Were you able to parse @nemomeno’s comment? It addressed your points and your “argument”.



I see my words were too long last time. Sorry.
The Nazis were very bad because they invaded other countries. They were very bad because they killed and imprisoned Jews and other minorities too.

Papa Koch helped the Nazis (and the Commies) and made money from this.
This is bad.

Papa Koch also hired a Nazi to raise the Koch brothers.
This is bad.

The Nazis had a command economy driven by wartime spending that was crony-capitalist (and involved lots of union-busting and prison-labor).
This may be bad, but it’s not usually why people think the Nazis were bad and is not what the article was about.

Some people say that the Nazi union-busting, prison-labor crony-capitalist economy was socialist.
This is dumb.

Griping about the Nazi’s economy when someone brings up Papa Koch profiting from helping the Nazis is bad.