Home Depot founder issues fauxpology for comparing plight of plutocrats to Jews in Nazi Germany


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Fuck this douchecanoe. Right about now, I’m regretting that they let Bob Nardelli “retire” before he irretrievable tanked HD.


I think we can all agree that excessive hatred of, and a history of oppression and violence against, the rich is definitely one of the great shames of America’s history and dangers to its future…

Seriously, what kind of strange psych malfunction does it take to feel all hated and oppressed as one of America’s wealthy? Your slice of the pie has never been bigger, your effective tax rate is peanuts, you live in a country where people voluntarily watch Donald Trump on TV and you can say that ‘people are paid what they are worth’ without people looking at you like you are off your rocker. What more do you want?

We don’t even have some vaguely relevant violent fringe of genuinely radical anarchists or commies or something who are out of step with public opinion but do occasionally frag a plutocrat in some intimidating way. Nothing.


Sure sign that an “apology” is certified 100% free-range bullshit:

The presence of any phrase akin to “If my words offended anyone…”

Of course they did, you nitwit.

That’s why your PR advisor is making you issue the statement in the first place.


Rule of thumb: If your apology contains the word “if”, then it isn’t one.


Did you know that if you go back to 1969, with different words, this is what Neil Armstrong was saying on the moon? It’s totally not definitely false, and we should all take heed if we want to survive as a society.


If…, may be…, then… = Non-apology.


Seriously. Fuck this noise. They’re whining and starting to feel exposed because they know deep down that the system is unfair, and they realize that in fact they could be rounded up and taken out to the countryside for a touch of Maoist agricultural re-education.


Golly Ken, do ya think your crass attitude might have something to do with Hoi Polloi hatred? Did that ever occur to you, ya berk?!

I’m not a violent man, but I can’t help but think the phrase “First Against the Wall” has found it’s poster child.


Soo this is another billionaire making this statement? did we have a different one saying the same thing a month ago? Do they have some sort of newsletter that says such things?


$2.1 Billion is only his gold price. His iron price is so much less.


It’s the new conservative strategy for dealing with income inequality; I’m not sure how much they actually believe it. It used to be that you’d be accused of “class warfare” for merely talking about class warfare existing. Now you get accused of genocide for merely talking about class warfare existing. There may be a step up in rhetoric because they’re afraid Americans might be on the verge of actually doing something about it, finally.


Yeah, the “Because if you go back to 1933, with different words, this is what Hitler was saying in Germany” quote is pretty hilarious. Perhaps that’s because if you use different words, that’s exactly what Groucho Marx was saying.

However, apparently what he’s getting at is that he thinks the holocaust was due to “envy.”


You don’t survive as a society if you encourage and thrive on envy or jealousy.

Home Depot dude might want to do something about the entire advertising industry, then.
Indeed, if people stop envying their neighbours, what happens to the market for Home Depot?


Dear Ken, why is it an insult of almost peerless disgust especially to Jewish people to compare any situation or event to the Holocaust or Shoa?
The Jews were in a unique position historically in Germany. After about 1800 years in Christendom of having accepted the reality of unpunished rape, random murder, blood libels, occasional official community murder or expulsion, holiday violence, and daily ritual humiliation Jews had finally with the enlightenment found a place in European and especially German society, most fully accepting and becoming part of German culture, some even being baptised to fully integrate with their neighbours.
These people were nearly native citizens, some driven out of the Middle East by the Assyrian conquest, or the Babylonian sack. More still were driven out by the historically conventional genocidal aftermath of the Roman-Jewish war, a punishment for briefly driving out an imperial occupier at its height of military and economic power. A few communities even pre-dated most European locals by perhaps a millennia or more. Between the ancient teachings of the Church, curses against deicidal Jews in the Christian bible, and the murderous hate speech of Protestant reformer Martin Luther the stage was set for the most depraved minds of Europe to see a green light direct from both god and/or the latest racialist eugenic science. Even if not actively participating it was a recipe to at least to look the other way as the Jewish problem, and concurrently several other allegedly alien or problem peoples were efficiently disappeared. These victims were diabolically made to aid the war effort on scientific calculated starvation rations until too weak to contribute then processed like slaughtered cattle for the remaining resources in their bodies. They were not even wanted as slaves but rather used as slaves simply to make the Reichs enterprise of murder more efficient and less of an economic drain.
Unlike military genocides the Nazi machine targeted a docile non-combatant well established local minority and succeeded in eliminating in three short years a full third of the worldwide population, another third was within a few military victories of becoming available for industrial murder, with the last third in the Americas. It is reasonable to say that murdering Jews had priority over many reasonable military priorities in the middle of a world war.
There were other victims of the Holocaust and their loss is no less terrible, but I am unaware of any group of noncombatant minorities in history to have ever been hunted with such concentrated and realistic intention of complete extinction like the Jews were by the Nazi regime.
This is why it is important especially for people who are not Jewish to remember the reasonable rage that some Godwin violations can cause especially when such a unique event is still in living memory. An extended family who even now still wonders why their grandparents, aunts, and uncles, never born cousins, have gone up smokestacks rather than flying in from Europe to be present at their wedding or bar mitzvah.
To put it another way some people who would never drop the N-bomb or make light of enslavement of Africans, especially to their face, seem to think that casually comparing something as selfish as an upside down view of societal inequity to the horror experienced by the Jewish nation in the Holocaust is… I can’t even think of what could compare as I feel the frame of reference has been completely broken without any hope of repair.


Well, if he doesn’t want “one group pitted against another” perhaps he should do something to make the world less of a competition for the remaining scraps. Doesn’t “the free market” require us all to be pitted against each other?


we’re certainly free to choose be so, if we want that for us.

Do they have some sort of newsletter that says such things?

The Wall Street Journal, for one.


The thing is, he’s quoting Goebbels who accused the Jews of “envy.” And of course it was the Nazis who said they were going to save Germany from Marxist “class struggle.”

And there is a war on. We hate them from the bottom of our souls because they threaten our very life, because they oppose our national existence out of envy, jealousy, and ill-concealed national pride.
-Joseph Goebbels (1933)

The Führer drove arrogance and contempt, envy and hate of labor and possessions, from Germany.
-Robert Ley (1936)

‘Anger, envy, hatred, rage,
Are in the blood of the Jew,
German anti-Semitic childrens book (1938)

People’s comrades, we have spoken of those all to eager to accuse others, who are driven by envy,
-Hermann Goring (1933)

Once each was the enemy of his neighbor. Envy, mistrust, and hatred were everywhere;
-by Robert Ley (1937)

Meanwhile, the base yellow press of our enemies has forced us to defend our lives with guns in our hands against the envy and resentment and threats of our enemies.
“How They Lie”

They hope to realize their infernal destructive goals, driven both by their political and economic envy as well as their Old Testament hatred, by shaking German war morale.
“Die Aktivierung der Partei!” (1943)

We are fighting to save our children from the unbearable threats of the Western democracies, driven by envy and hatred
Nazi propaganda magazine (1939)

Mr. Roosevelt recently told the nation, he retired to his bedroom to write a prayer …that (God) will help them enslave a part of the world that is attempting to live modestly from its own resources. This they cannot tolerate, out of greed and envy.
-Joseph Goebbels (1944)

These Nazi memes have become pervasive on the right. Apparently this is organized, and the right literally has their own Goebbels promoting the use of Nazi propaganda themes. The questions is, are they literally working from Nazi and Fascist literature?