Rich Americans are embarrassed by Donald Trump

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“Rich Americans are embarrassed by Donald Trump”

"embarrassed", Because they are exactly like him.


'Twas ever thus.


They’ll just change the name on the building. The reason rich people don’t like Trump is because he represents the endgame of the egotistical jackassery they are all pursuing. They are jealous because he got there first, and they don’t like what the results of the game they play look like. It is painful to admit that all that sacrifice you put into getting wealthy could make you more like Trump if you pursue wealth at the expense of all else.


To be fair, everyone is embarrassed by Trump…


Sure, they don’t like him because he’s gross and showy and because in the end he’s not all that good a businessman. They can live with the racism and sexism because that’s how their servants in the GOP have made their margins since Nixon.

But what really worries them is that he’s drawing attention to America’s increasing inequality by gleefully embracing it, while they’d like nothing better than to change to conversation to something else. He’s arguably a worse problem for them than Sanders is in that regard.


You bring up a good point. How would we quantify whether Trump or Bernie is worse for Wall Street? It’s worth the thought experiment. Bernie is a direct line of fire at them. He would enact policy to make their lives hard and sign every piece of legislation that removes wealth from the top 10%. But he would be blockaded at every turn, not only by Republicans but also by Democrats who would see their support erode if they backed Bernie’s initiatives. Bernie would have it rough, although he’d be supported by the populace.

Trump would enact every bit of legislation funneling money into Wall Street, much moreso than now, but his buffoonery would cause revolt and other ways of keeping that money out of Wall Street: people might boycott or cheat or storm the castle in some way. Trump would be supported by the legislature, assuming it stays right-wing controlled. But he would be undermined by the populace.

In either case, the pressures would be immense. I am not sure there is a clear front-runner on who would be “worse” for the rich. Indirectly, Trump. Directly, Bernie. But that’s as far as I can get with this thought experiment.

What I am continually surprised about is that his fellow billionaires let him get this far in the first place.


Donald is not merely wealthy, he is the most embarrassing form of wealth: The Trust-Fund Kid. Trust-fund kids can’t even be good neighbors, much less good politicians.

I deal with some Wall Street executives, and you describe exactly how they think. The Republicans among them want to go slow and steady when it comes to chipping away at regulation and socialising risk while privatising rewards. Having seen Trump in action in NYC for 30+ years they know that slow and steady and quiet isn’t how he works and that there will be a huge backlash for them 4 or 8 years down the line.

Sanders, despite his rhetoric, doesn’t raise the prospect of popular revolt – conservative greedpigs know that, since he works within the system, their creatures in the legislative branch will stymie him at every turn.


I’ve often thought that, as part of a high school education, everyone should have to work: food service (waiting/busing tables/fast food) & retail (preferably at xmas) - just to ensure everyone gets a taste of what the real world is like.


Just like everybody took a turn in the Viet Nam draft? Universal service. No strings pulled there, no sirree.


Trump’s campaign is largely based around promoting negative stereotypes of different groups, Mexicans, Muslims, women, etc.

Do we really want to base our response on negative stereotypes of the wealthy?

I do! 


The Trump brand has always stood for gauche ostentatious tackiness. It’s got about as much “class” as a Powerball winner driving a blinged-out gold Escalade, without even the forgivable excuse of having come from humble beginnings and thus not knowing any better (cf. Elvis.) Anyone who’s just now becoming embarrassed by it never had any class to begin with, but it took this epic public buffoonery of a campaign for them to realize it. They’re not so much embarrassed by Trump as embarrassed for themselves.


Good! Perhaps they’ll be embarrassed enough help get him out of this f**ked up race! Many of them probably even know where the ‘bodies’ are buried!

BUT…he would have “worked” it is just his doctor thought his knee wouldn’t let him, which knee was that again?

I’d be curious to know how many of the former Trump-ites are embarrassed by him because he’s an abundantly terrible human being vs. how many are now embarrassed by him because his demagoguery has involved a certain amount of…just dreadfully lower class…messaging.

It’s like a Tory joining the BNP. Depending on how far right they were previously, the actual policy change might not be especially dramatic; but talk about culture shock.


They can afford it.

eww. Seriously I would probably get myself a Polaris Slingshot for a multimillion win car.

On topic Trump makes me embarrassed to be an American in general…

They’re just losers, jealous of Trump’s success! And also they’re stupid! Muslin, too, probably.*


  • Trump 2016!