Watch Trump saying he doesn't want a poor person working in his cabinet


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Yes, but only to a really, really, really stupid poor person who won’t see that for Trump, “a poor person” equates with “too stupid to work for him”. You know. Losers.


Given how rich his cabinet is, I wonder what Trump’s cut-off for “poor” is.


I’d be willing to bet that not one of the poor people who voted for him will be at all outraged by this, nor will these statements erode their support of him.


poor = asks how much a Patek Philippe watch costs.


Does anyone remember the man-in-the-street video of the two Trump campaign ladies who were adamant that when Trump became president, all that money would come rolling back to those who supported him?

I wonder what happened to those two?


Tempest in the teapot of the day. Does anyone really believe there’s been a poor cabinet member in any presidential administration in the last 30 years? It was stupid thing for Trump to suggest and it’s a stupid thing to get upset over.


I’ve had this theory kicking around in my head for a while -
You know the famous saying that if you owe the bank a million dollars, you have a problem, but if you owe the bank a billion dollars then the bank has a problem?
I think Trump is proving that this works for moral bankruptcy too.

All the people who gave Trump credit for character and morality can’t withdraw that credit now without suffering a personal blow to their own self-image. If a politician is a bit less great than his supporters thought, then that politician might have a problem. But when they’ve put their faith in a politician who is transparently a venal grifting con man? Now his voters have a problem



They’ve constructed their own reality out of alternative “facts”. What amazes me is that so many who see him for what he is keep expecting that this or that latest of Trump’s cons will surely be the one where they finally wake up. Ain’t happening. When the house comes down around them, they’ll find someone else to blame, not their orange messiah.


Depends on whose measure of “poor” you’re going by. Trump’s picks seem to suggest that anyone who hasn’t already accrued at least several tens of millions of dollars under the current economic system is unworthy of consideration.


Calculated distraction. Keep your eye on the tax cut.


There’s a term for that: chumps.


Well, obviously; consider the source.

At this point most people here aren’t “upset;” just weary as fuck at the never-ending geyser of bullshit that’s been erupting constantly ever since this clown decided to run for POTUS.


The low-income people that voted for him don’t identify as “poor”.
Only OTHER people are “poor”.
And they don’t want those OTHER people running things.
After all, those OTHER people have been running things for 8 years and now it’s THEIR TURN.


So where are you on the scale if you don’t even know what a Patek Philippe watch is?


To be honest, he wasn’t talking about his entire cabinet. He was talking specifically about his Secretary of Finance.

There are a lot of things he said last night that were outright lies. There’s no need to make up something.


Nah, they sell them at Walmart. You know, for the “every man” (and woman).


I hope the press picks up on that question and hits Trump with it.



“If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.” – J.P. Morgan (I think.)