Sanders and Warren issue joint statement slamming Trump's new finance industry alligator for his private DC swamp


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How can people not see this?


People are idiots that are more worried about boycotting Kellogg’s and claiming 2016 is the coldest year on record.


Wall Street is laughing their collective asses off at US citizens today.



Curse my profane wish to sell ‘Sanderswarren: The Wetlands Whisperer’ to Adult Swim!


I’m frozen solid RIGHT NOW.


I went to Breitbart for curiosity’s sake and found that the comments are really turning against Trump… but they still manage to blame a Clinton conspiracy for Trump and he is some sort of Clinton stooge or plant.

Only one guy seems dedicating to defending Trump versus a lot of people saying this was a disaster and a waste of a vote… and Russia is being brought up a lot.


I expected they would boycott -mornings- and take 2016 as the last year or their personal coldest. Oh, this won’t do.


Awesome. Thanks disenfranchised working class white Americans for catching on WAY TOO FUCKING LATE.


More to the point, the question really is “how couldn’t people who voted for him have seen this coming?” The answer is that they’re desperate and spiteful suckers, the kind who’d never admit to being scammed by a con artist even if they realised it or had the evidence shoved in their face like this.


I don’t think I can keep posting Jesus facepalm, but in my heart it’s Jesus facepalms all the way down.


Because he isn’t Hillary Clinton.

I don’t know why people don’t get this, yet. If you are a Trumpeteer, being Hillary is literally the worst thing in the world. It’s a benchmark for all evil that will always be adjusted downward, post hoc.


They’re blinded by the White.


As I said, desperate suckers. I can understand non-suckers hating Clinton, but they stayed home or left the Presidential ballot line blank or wrote in John Galt.



There are enough people in Canada echoing the “at least he’s not Hillary” line to make me think this transcends regional desperation.



I never imagined it would happen this quickly.

Trump is nothing if not subtle.

Hey, maybe the suckers can start petitioning Trump’s Electoral College pledgees to abstain and throw the election to the House of Representatives.


It’s not that they can’t see it, it’s that they don’t care. All they wanted to do was punish "liberals " for being liberals. They don’t even know why they hate liberals except that they’ve been told to hate,. They aren’t thinkers, they’re followers and they’ll follow him right to the destruction of America and then stupidly bleat that “liberals done it”.


No doubt. I’m sure neoliberal globalism has done a number north of the U.S. border, especially in the regions that depend on resource extraction. Canada being more progressive, there’s probably a fair bit of purblind left-wing populism driving those echoes alongside the right-wing populism.

[quote=“iquitos46, post:19, topic:90379, full:true”]
All they wanted to do was punish "liberals " for being liberals. They don’t even know why they hate liberals except that they’ve been told to hate,.[/quote]

The joke’s on those spite voters. The liberals they hate the most – coastal, urban-dwelling, affluent, educated – have far more options to ride out or escape the storm than they do.