Republicans flummoxed by prospect of Trump picking up Jeb's votes


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“it doesn’t matter what he says, as long as he delivers his lines with that big swinging attitude of his.”


‘Flummoxed’ describes the new GOP to a tee.


So, how to address the factors that make the people angry? How to make their retirements less shitty for the old and the future more promising for the younger?


What, both of them?

I think perhaps the Republican party might finally be learning that their core vote isn’t particularly conservative, just angry.


I find it galling that for a party that decries government intervention, so many conservatives are filled with genuine glee at the idea of using democratic processes to inflict pain on “outside” groups.


Say another Hitler joke. And another. And another for the road.

Once you’ve got enough brownshirts, the arrival of Hitler is inevitable.

Back around 2000, people found it noteworthy that our “red state, blue state” color scheme was reversed from the rest of the world and history, where left wing parties are red, and conservative parties are blue.

But now I’m thinking we got it right all along. We really have an establishment-conservative party (Democrats, blue) and an increasingly radical right-wing populist party (Republicans, red.) If you think of red as the color of radicalism in any flavor, it wasn’t a reversal after all.


how to address the factors that make the people angry?

Most people (especially Trump supporters it seems) don’t give a shit about actual proposals or facts. Feelings and emotions are what matter. I can’t think of any other reason why Trump gets away with being as erratic as he is. Of all the people running for President this year, he is the least presidential and I think that’s a big part of his appeal.


Bernie Sanders has a plan for this, but then, he is neither a billionaire nor in thrall to the billionaire class.


Barb’s definitely voting for whoever looks most like her.


“Think of tired boomers drifting into shitty retirements and angry adolescents drifting into shitty adulthoods, and you get Trump.”

Nailed it.


I guess the GOP never thought a charismatic outsider with near-100% name recognition and a widespread fanbase could become a popular choice for President.



The parallels with Front National (Le Penn) in France and UKIP in Britain and AfD in Germany are quite striking.


The first step is to be honest with the voting public about the factors which MADE their retirements so shitty and their career prospects so unpromising. Trump and the Republican machine that accidentally unleashed him thrive on easy-to-understand-but-mostly-innacurate scapegoating and fearmongering. So now we’ve got a big voter base riled up and ready to take action in the wrong direction.


But Reagan was the TV star who at least took the time to serve in an elected position before seeking the Presidency. As relevant job experience goes “governor of the most populous state in the Union” is pretty legit.


Absolutely, but he was still a Washington outsider; he’d gotten solid (and legit!) experience being governor but could still be “uncorrupted” by Washington politics. And now Trump’s followers are insisting that his years of being a rich guy give him tons of “relevant job experience” to run Washington like a business.


I just watched an article on how many of the Jeb supporters are actually going to vote for Hillary and the democrats for the first time in their lives!



I’ve been saying for a while, the right wing is on the march in the world. You can add Netenyahu’s dalliance with right wing in Israel and the current Japanese nationalist prime minister, who refused to apologize for the rape of Korean women during the second world war.