Trump Administration: a climate denier for the EPA, a Goldman-Sachs banker for Treasury


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Meanwhile, a person who spoke to the Trump campaign told POLITICO that the aides have also discussed tapping Sarah Palin for Interior secretary. Trump has said he’d like to put Palin in his cabinet, and Palin has made no secret of her interest.

I was so hoping to never hear that name or her voice again.


Drill, baby, drill.


Immanentize the eschaton, baby. immanentize the eschaton.



What's the opposite of a government of the talents?

A confederacy of dunces?


Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry... from a basket of deplorables to a bowl of mixed nuts.


I wonder if his supporters, moved by his "anti-establishment" argument will have some buyers remorse now that he might put in a Goldman-Sachs guy? I mean, isn't this part of what they were pissed off about? The cozy relationship between the "moneyed" class and the government?


Who's on tap for Secretary of Benghazi?




We're going to have to update that old Soviet era joke. Here, let me have a go at it:


Mommy wouldn't let me eat candy for breakfast, lunch or supper. Now I'm all grown up I can eat anything I want.

So good.


Well, the American people sure showed it to the establishment!


Why did 48% of the electorate believe that Trump would be better at repaying those who elected him than he is at repaying those who built his buildings? Sure somebody falls for those Nigerian Prince scams, but that country isn't full of millionaires because half of the people in this country fall for that.


Sure seemed that way, didn't it?


Isn't that what the "fuck the smug liberals" group have been saying? They voted for "real" change, not racism and sexism? What happens when Trump continues with the core GOP policies which includes working with powerful elites and then it turns out he's not hardlined enough of things like immigration and abortion? Do they revolt yet again and vote out their congressmen finally?


The cognitive dissonance runs deep with them. So probably not.


One can hope. They may just turn to revolt...the other side has tanks, bombers, and attack helicopters but they seem to think they can take that on.


I wonder what speeches Trump has made to Goldman Sachs? Wasn't he outraged at Hillary's relationship with Wall Street?


I'm tired.

If I voted for Trump expecting him to be a bull in a china shop, do I really care that he didn't break as much as I wanted? My life wasn't going to get better either way. Next time I'll vote for someone worse or not at all.

If I voted for him out of party loyalty, yay? I mean, he's choosing the worst representatives of the party, sure, but they're not slimy Democrats.

I'll probably be disappointed if I want him to show those blacks and illegals their place and he doesn't.

Same if I want the gays shoved back in the closet.. or worse.

But if I actually thought he was going to make America great
again.... I'll believe anything he says.