Trump chooses Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff, Steve Bannon as "Chief Strategist"


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And total acquiescence to the party/Washington insider establishment continues apace.


His brilliant strategy of draining the swamp right into the White House will rid DC of corruption!


Yep. If only we could have possibly seen this coming… /s



But better than the Breitbart alternative.


What position is Bannon up for? Press secretary, is that right?


No, “Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor”. i.e. not an actual job.


Ah… in other words, he’s getting a cushy (likely well-paid) political appointment for bringing in the alt-right vote for Trump… Bidness as usual, then. Just like the rest of Trump’s appointments.


So this Priebus — his full name has to be an anagram for something — will be the guy who’s really in charge?


On the plus side:

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Until trump fucks up and then trump gets to blame [all this other handwaving shit] on Priebus. At the very least, he’s an easy head to roll when der fuhrer doesn’t get whatever political movement he dreams up in the moment.

HFS x eleventy-million. Somebody get this group a mirror, STAT.


Drain the swamp!

Aren’t you all glad that he’s an outsider who will boot the Establishment out of Washington?


His name is not an anagram. It is a latin phrase; it means “I’m gonna blow smoke up your ass.”


Try taking out the vowels: RNC PR BS


I think they abandoned him, not because “he’s a thug” but because he is clearly going down over bridge gate stuff. Even if they don’t bring charges, he’s not going to get backing from the GOP for anything, now. He’s too toxic. I think the source is feeding the NY Post a load of horse shit, frankly (if NYPost isn’t outright lying). They don’t give a shit about a “suburban mom” going to jail! I mean, I’m supposed to believe this shit:

“Trump really doesn’t like it when married women with kids get hurt in politics,” said the source. “Trump was pretty disgusted with Christie.”

He doesn’t give a shit about women who aren’t hot and submissive.

[ETA] And if you scroll down to the bottom of the post, you see a link to nudie pics of Melania Trump. The fuck.


At least we know his weakness.


If you’re looking for slimy bottom feeders, what better way than to drain the swamp?


And once again the Republican base has been played for the born suckers they are; this time in record time by a confidence artist so obvious he might as well exist in cartoon form. These rubes never learn.


Dig around a bit of the alt-right sites. It’s being celebrated from what I saw.


You mean like the Dem base who thought they were getting rid of the Clintons in 2008?

The US system is so stacked against outsiders, sometimes it’s so hard to call it a democracy.