Bannon: Trump Jr and Kushner meeting with Russians was "treasonous"

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Hilarity ensues.


Bannon is very clever. He’s putting the blame on Trump’s kids to take the fall and will move right ahead with his fascist movement while everyone else is still talking about Trump/Russia.


I love watching these a-holes eat their own.



Fortune favors the prepared knife.


Et tu, Bannon? We have now reached the beginning of the frantiic scramble for the lifeboats as ever more politicians realize that the ship is sinking and the buffet line will close soon.


What do you call it when an idiot outlives his usefulness?


I don’t think that even Eugène Ionesco could have written anything more bizarre than tRump’s campaign and administration.


Does Bannon explain why he chose to work for and support a man he believes is guilty of treason?


Just impeach the a$$hat already, and take his whole crew with him.


Reality has far outstripped the imaginations of purveyors of humor, absurdity and satire.


I think his explanation would be 1) He didn’t work for Jr. and Kushner, 2) Because he didn’t work for Jr. and Kushner he wasn’t aware of it. This is probably total bullshit but until someone finds a damning email or memo it’s going to hold up.


Impeachment is just bringing formal charges against someone in office. It’s pretty bad for a president’s reputation, but not impossible to bounce back from (Clinton, for example). The reason why no one has impeached Trump or any of his cronies yet is because they’re still building the case. While it may be abundantly obvious to the entire world that Russia parted oceans and leveled mountains to get Trump in office (not because they like him, but to embarrass, humiliate, and destabilize the US and erode the strength of its treaties, particularly NATO, but also others) but that doesn’t constitute a sturdy legal case.

Add to that the fact that congress is controlled by a lot of people who are still under the impression that supporting him will be politically beneficial to the Republican party, and you’re probably not looking at any real action happening until after the 2018 mid-term. The Republican majority has slimmed a little in the last year, but it’s still present and there are a lot of people in office right now because they caught Trump’s wave of dumb asshole bullshit.

Law enforcement is supposed to be non-partisan, and while that’s super incredibly not the case for city and state agencies, federal agencies generally manage to do a much better job of it than others. They obviously lean right because right means authority, and pretty much all law enforcement gets pretty wet over that, but they’re also not completely stupid. They pretty obviously have a case, they probably think it’s going to be a massive deal, possibly one that sinks an entire presidential administration which isn’t something that happens a lot. My guess is that they’re looking to see how this year turns out and they’re going to plan their approach based on that. If there’s an overwhelming non-Republican majority (c’mooon socialism!) then I suspect they’ll drop the hammer almost immediately.

Basically they’re not partisan, but they know congress is, and that congress ultimately has to be on-board with them in order to get anything useful done. They’re using this time to build the strongest case possible, my only hope is that the Criminal in Chief doesn’t figure out a way to stymie them before they’re done.


So is this why Bannon is no longer part of the Trump administration, the fact that he isn’t a completely clueless idiot or fawning toady? Don’t get me wrong-- he’s a filthy pig masked (poorly) as a human being-- but he at least understands certain aspects of reality that Trump and his lickspittles prefer to see through diamond-encrusted rose-colored glasses.


Because he hates Kushner and Trump Jr. and wants to create a bunch of drama. The entire campaign was treasonous, he knows because he helped. This is all just pot-stirring to distract people from the fact that he’s an insane white supremacist who still seems to exercise influence over the president even after basically the country made it clear that they were pretty unhappy about both his and Sebastian “totally not a Nazi” Gorka.

(Seriously, the dude is a literal Nazi. He wears the uniforms and decorations of the Hungarian nationalist organization “Order of Vitéz” which sided with the Nazis in WWII and many members still hold the tenets of Nazism dear. The most devout change their middle initial to “V” in honor of that organization. Spoiler alert: Gorka’s actual middle name is “Lukács”)


So he’s gone from being an irrelevant hobo taking credit for American racism, to an irrelevant hobo telling us stuff we knew about things he has no special insight into? Cool.




Nothing he’s ever done has justified this myth. People pretend that Bannon or Turmp or Putin or Paul Ryan are “clever” because (1) it’s less ugly than accepting that asshole nincompoops can easily beat decent smart people in politics, and (2) if you’re going to support someone who is both stupid and evil, it flatters you to pretend there’s a secret excuse.


If someone seems like a horrible idiot to you, then don’t accept received “wisdom” that they’re some kind of genius. Smart is as smart does. One day we may need actual smart people, so we should make sure we know the difference.


Remember this isn’t something he’s just come out with. He clearly never meant this comment to be public, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have slagged Breitbart as illegitimate. Crediting Bannon as a strategist here seems like willful mythmaking. He’s just a dumbass who thinks everything will go his way because everything he’s ever wanted has been handed to him. He looks smart in comparison to the stone-cold idiots he’s surrounded himself with.

Dead, I think.

Oh, wait, you mean a rich, white, American idiot? President.


I just figured that he’s trolling us all, maybe. Again.