Climate purge: Trump demands list of Department of Energy climate negotiators


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We’re fucked.


I seem to remember a bunch of people telling me that Drumpf and HRC were equally bad. That was cute.


This is probably just the beginning of the purges. Cultural Revolution, anyone?


Only if we are all willing to hang our futures upon what a cadre of morons wants.

A lot of people here misinterpreted the observations that they are both bad, to mean that they are both bad in the same ways. That always seems to happen with polarization and partisanship. Criticism need not be equivocation.


This is certainly true, but there was also much rhetoric of equivocation.


I encountered far fewer people actually saying that, than those who insisted upon interpreting them that way. YMMV

It’s easier to guess about what could have been that to figure out now how to get rid of these fools.


Don’t worry, they haven’t and won’t change their rhetoric.


The persons we specifically are talking about said literally that they were “as bad”, no interpretation needed.


Considering a 1% shift in the electorate could have flipped the election, it’s not valuable to talk in terms of relative amounts.


Terminological argument while New Rome burns.

When Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he omitted to mention he was doing so to find and reward the alligators.


Anybody who assumes that they read another person without interpreting them is simply not aware that they are doing it. Either way, I doubt if criticising their election choices is likely to be effective in addressing the current problem.


So. . . Russia had a hand in tipping the election for him, and it would appear he is trying to destroy all Federal departments from the inside.

If ever there were a time for the Electoral College to change their votes, this would be it.


If they didn’t mean others to interpret as “there are no effective differences between Hillary and Trump” there are statements that don’t involves those words in that order. They meant what they stated.


You are re-iterating the same thing. Any number of people “would have been” better than these clowns, but those speculations aren’t helpful unless we can get these characters out of the way for somebody better.


So you’re arguing that nobody said and meant that by saying and meaning that.

Ok, moving on.


As a scientist / engineer who used to work for a DOE national lab, I find this terrifying. First you have the ideologically-driven denial of science to support the fossil fuel industry. That is common to many Republicans. That is bad enough. But now you have the cultural-war purges of scientists. The graphic of Trump as Mao is terrific and poignant.

After the US has proved that it can no longer participate in the world, China is going to kick our butts.


How am I arguing that? You said what you encountered, I said what I encountered, it isn’t a fucking contest!

Please do. Since it is only so much crying over spilled milk.


Call you rep or senate and demand that they obstruct every appointment Trump makes.


"The faithful elite remained bound to the castle – for all their valor, reduced to ordinary grass. Tu Fu wrote:

The whole country devastated
only mountains and rivers remain.
In springtime, at the ruined castle,
the grass is always green.

We sat a while, our hats for a seat, seeing it all through tears.

Summer grasses:
all that remains of great soldiers’
imperial dreams."

–Matsuo Basho, “Narrow Road to the Interior”, translated by Sam Hamill.

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