Reince Priebus out of Trump White House


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I wonder how the turnover rate stacks up to previous administrations?


Trump wants this to be the topic for the weekend.


It Can’t Happen Here




Replaced him with a 4 star general…
Attending youth rallies…
Segregating LGBT…

Hrm… how very interesting… I have never seen this kind of behaviour, historically. Have you? I am at a complete loss for a comparison.


The White House is completely dysfunctional. Trump is an incompetent failure.


I can’t figure out if it’s better (for Trump) that nobody’s talking about Russia Collusion, or worse that everybody’s talking about what a trumpster fire this administration has been.




What the unholy fuck?!

Expect the crazy to go to, well, off the fucking charts now. Word on the streets is that the Preibus / Ryan babysitting team was all that was keeping things “in check”.

Edit: Pretty good timing to keep the heat off of the Health Care FAIL. Distraction 101. Oh yeah, and that missile that can hit DC that NK just tested…


Wow. What a bad week for 45. It’s almost as bad as…well…last week and the one before that.


I hope John F. Kelly enjoys being consumed by the Trump grinder.


Well :ok_hand: Oiled :ok_hand: Machine.


Cutting loose from the Republican Party now that they failed to trash Obamacare?


Would love to see a web page like that would give a fired/resign count so we could keep score.


Yeah, it may be hilarious to see the White House in continued disarray, flailing, finding the wrong people for the position, but it’s also terrifying. Terrarious? Hilarifying? We just have to hope the incompetence wins out.


From Reince to Rancid in 6 months.


Trump: "Time’s up Reince, I’m going to bumble my way into installing a dictatorship."
Reince: “Guess I’ll talk to Paul and Mitch about impeachment then.”


I give it three months till they’re staffing the West Wing via TaskRabbit.