Trump NatSec advisor HR McMaster to resign. Fox News analyst John Bolton to replace


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Michael Bolton lip synching Gangsta's Paradise

I’m panicking right now.




Rachel Maddow has repeatedly said that if Bolton becomes National Security Advisor, we’re all going to die. I believe her.




If anyone can talk tRump into a War it’s this filthy neo-con, our kids will be the cannon fodder for another unwindable war.



This is reality folks.




So do y’all plan on doing something about this before the war, or would you prefer to wait and let a few million Iranians die first?


Fox News administration activate.


Buy now while supplies last.


Such as?
Honestly, we don’t exactly have options here, outside of complaining to our elected officials.
Don’t put this appointment and the potential deaths of Iranians on us, as if it’s our fault.


Vote, and help others get to the polls in November.


We are fucked.

We, as in the entire fucking world.

This will not end well.


Well, that is 2 of the “grown ups” gone. Tillerson first, McMaster now. Madis is probably the last one standing. We are not all going to die, but very good bet that a not insignificant number of us will.


And voting, plus more protesting, more marching, more petitions; that’s all inevitable.

But actual action that will hinder a potential cataclysm? We got nothing, and that’s a scary fucking position to be in.

That meteor can go ahead and land on the White House any day now, PLEASE…


FAKE NEWS!!!1!1!11q! Sarah Huckleberry just told us last week that rumors of McMaster’s leaving were untrue and “despicable reporting”.

Also, too: Trump is gonna get us all killed.


Odds were good we were all going to die anyway (sorry Kurzweil fans) but this is definitely likely to push up the timeline a bit.


You can order one like ordering a pizza, who’d a thunk…