Trump's first 4 days: a ban on disclosing scientific facts and felony charges for journalists


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Ooooo vetting. Finally we can get all those Islamic terrorists out of their cozy little EPA sleeper cells.


I’ve been checking BB regularly for, oh, 7 years or so, and Cory Doctorow is mainly the reason that I don’t generally bother much these days. This is actually my first time commenting on anything here. I hate trump as much as the next guy, but remember the TPP that you would absolutely not shut up about? He killed that, didn’t he? That’s worth a mention too.



I hope the government climate scientists learned from the actions of their Canadian counterparts who were gagged under Harper’s government. Lots of studies and research that were “lost” during those years were suddenly re-discovered sitting in attics, basements, storage closets and personal computers the moment that Harper left office.

The gag order is about as surprising as the press-hating regime using the same tactics deployed against journalists covering the Standing Rock protests. Gessen’s Rule #1: Believe the Autocrat. If he’s stated clearly that he thinks climate scientists are Chinese-funded fraudsters and that he thinks the press is treating him unfairly he’s going to do something about it once he’s in power.


It was de facto dead long before he signed his bit of paper this week. Let’s see what he does about the TiSA and TTIP. And what kind of trade deals he comes up with.


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I’m sure @doctorow is fine with his officially killing TPP, which was on the way out anyhow. The problem is that, as with the GOP killing ACA, there’s no replacement offered except for vague and brain-dead protectionist rhetoric.


Trump may have killed the TPP, but it was because of the trade stuff (I think). Cory largely blasted the TPP for the stranglehold it would put on intellectual property.

TPP may be dead, but I am reasonably sure that Trump will just replace it with something worse for intellectual freedom and copyright.


That was fast. Three days and already it’s time for Jerry Brown to launch a satellite.


Thank God we finally have a Constitutional Conservative in the White House!

And, before you dirty hippies and libertines start complaining, keep in mind that there is nothing in the Constitution about your (or the Fake News’) “right” to Free Speech!


In DC right now:



Yet for some reason, you felt the irresistible urge to throw your two cents into the ring just now, after all that time; not to discuss the topic at hand, but to criticize the author, (who by all accounts, including his own, is not perfect.)

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TPP was already dead. Hillary had already said she wasn’t planning to pursue it either.


not just vetting, but “extreme vetting.”


Protip: Don’t click on or read stories written by Cory if you don’t like stories written by Cory. I still visit my Dad even though I can’t stand his thoughts on the Eagles’ “Hotel California”.


While you’re correct that Russia is using the U.S.'s less savoury foreign policy habits against it, Putin wouldn’t bother invading anywhere in North America. He’s only interested in sowing divisiveness in the West and undermining liberal-democratic institutions here so he can work on his Russkiy Mir expansionist project unhindered.

Canada is only on Putin’s radar in connection to control of the Arctic (specifically, access to energy resources and a new Northwest Passage brought to the world by global warming).


Is there more to this story than him simply liking the song?





As many dumb things as he’s front-loaded into his first few days as POTUS, I wonder whether Trump and his staff are trying to shove as much through the pipeline as they can because they figure he’ll be gone before he can screw up as much as he’s promised to.