A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


I figured we could have a catch all thread for executive orders and policy positions, as well as other related things, of the Trump presidency. If anyone thinks this belongs in an already existing thread, please note and ask the proper authorities to do so!

Today seems to have turned up a strong collection of issues.

Trump’s belief in a noted conspiracy theory which has no basis in reality:

He’s signed an executive order on Key Stone and the Dakota pipelines:

And, not direclty related, but journalists are being charged with felony chargers for essentially being in a particular place in order to do their jobs (report on the protests):

He sent former campaign aides to oversee VOA:

A Round Up of Resistance to Trump

I love that the New York Times finally used the word “lie” in a headline when describing Trump’s statements. They’ve previously explained why they are very, very hesitant to accuse a public figure of outright “lying” because there is usually some question as to whether the person making a false statement knew it to be false, but their editorial staff has declared that this meets the threshold.


According to Buzzfeed, Trump has shut down all public-facing communications from the USDA. They’re no longer allowed to post on social media, share news releases, fact sheets, or the results of any taxpayer-funded research.




Well, fuck.


Please add whatever knowledge you have, when you have it. It’s good to know specifically what he’s doing and why.


“The photo, posted to Twitter by Trump, incorrectly lists the date of his inauguration as Jan. 21, 2017, instead of Jan. 20.”



Not making a lot of waves yet for IDK why, but freezing EPA contracts puts possibly hundreds of thousands of American construction workers out of work. USEPA funds, in large part, sewer plant upgrades, water plant upgrades, and storm sewer management projects. Your safety is at risk and possibly someone you love will get a pink slip this week.


Also, any attempt to return all OEM auto part manufacturing to the US for the Big 3 could lead to vehicle price hikes as the Big 3 spent almost 30 years offshoring this manufacturing. While it could bring jobs to the US, it will come at a high cost to the average consumer. Say goodbye to reasonably priced leases. If you buy Japanese or German cars, you won’t be insulated from price hikes. No car is really “made” in any one country anymore.




same with the epa:



I am having problems ‘liking’ the posts in this thread.
They sure didn’t bother to wait before starting the fucking over of the citizens.


I’m not sure what to make of this atlantic story.


Vagina screechers could be my band name, if I were a woman living in Portland 20 years ago.



well they are doing a successful job of fucking over the citizens.


@Mindysan33: Thank you so much for starting this thread. The signal-to-noise ratio in the press is about to plummet not just because of all the alternative fact-checking but also the lemming distracted focus on meaningless crap like Conway’s wardrobe choices, allowing the very real damage being wrought by Trump and Republicans to go barely reported or remarked.

ETA: Everyone contributing news article links here, thank you! We need to see news and in-depths rather than editorials and opinions because they’re a particularly strong indicator as to whether those in the press are doing their fucking job.


I have a close family member in USDA, I’ll find out tomorrow if retirement papers were filed yesterday. Because that would’ve been the rational choice yesterday if one was eligible.

It can’t be reiterated enough…FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK McFUCKERTON.


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Interior Department, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) (so far)

There’s probably a witty comment there about no news is good news, but I’m too depressed to think of anything