Bookshop offers an alternative to Amazon for bookstores and affiliates

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Appears to be US only (at the moment). I’m not sure how similar they are but gives a percentage of profits to your local bookshop for each purchase.


I’m not seeing ebooks here. I’d love to support anyone but Amazon, but I don’t have the room or the patience for books made of trees.

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The other alternative is of course to just order directly from your favorite independent book store. Pretty much all of them will ship just about anywhere.

I’ve seen some skepticism expressed by booksellers over the model here, as it looks a bit like an attempt at market consolidation by Ingram. (One, but only one, of a handful of large US book distirbruters book stores and publishers deal with.)

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<Sigh!> Yes “Earth’s” other biggest book store may want to look outside N. America.

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