Booze in a 'juice' box


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Hey, why not just go to Capri Sun-style pouches?


Yes, the bigger size is the Fun Size.
I’m glad somebody is getting this correct.


I love those!

They are one of the highlights of going to a convenience store in Japan. I load up on them as souvenirs for the office every time I go there.


Looks like someone already did!


Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Figured someone must have done it already.


Pfft, amateurs.




Alas, this stuff is an acquired taste. If only the more expensive shouchu came in such boxes.


Whiskey in a box? Yes to all of the above!


13%-14% abv is NOT technically “booze” in mine or anyone else of note’s book.

Good grief. I was at a show the other night, and this young woman had smuggled in one of those. And she was downing cup after cup and was barely standing. She kept pointing at me and saying “That guy is so old! OMG!”

I have to admit, it hurt a little. I’m not that old.




Far more discrete than a glass bottle of Night Train.


For what it’s worth, it’s awful stuff. But it’s cheap and gets you drunk!



Welcome to the olds club! It’s better here…



The nice part is getting to bed early before your various pains wake you up at night…


Planchao is Cuban tetrapak rum. Costs about a buck for 200 ml, which puts it at the low end of the price range for rum, but not quite at the very bottom. Never had it myself but apparently it’s a favourite of older men. Many middle-aged or senior Cuban gents like to have something to sip any time, any place and this is just perfect.


Also, I can’t remember seeing lots of bad movies that Mrs. Lindsay assures me I’ve seen!


But they’re still there waiting patiently for you in the morning…