Boston: One person dead, others injured after dozens of gas explosions and fires


Good catch; that would suggest they were possibly doing some testing or some control software prep work in that interim period?


You clearly have no idea what constitutes a normal commuting distance around here.


Yeah, me too. I’ve been wondering if any happy mutants are in the affected areas? There are a lot of us Boingers in the Boston area and I, for one, would be happy to offer help to anyone who needs it.


Lawrence certainly was its own stand-alone town in the past, and still has a mill town identity, but the metro area has grown to meet it. And I can’t imagine anyone calling Andover and N. Andover anything other than suburbs. All three of those towns are part of the NSPC (North Suburban Planning Council), which, while not technically an official subregion of the central MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council), nonetheless is an integral part of the greater metro area.

(exception: a not insignificant number of people - usually on the older side - still view their municipalities as “small towns” and deeply resent any change to its “historic small town character”, despite all evidence to the contrary. Source of this info: having served 6 years and counting on the Planning Board of my suburban Boston town.)


From the Columbia Gas website:
“Why Natural Gas: Cost Effective, Reliable, Efficient, Clean, Safe.”




Sadly that article doesn’t have a any new info. This will just take time to investigate, as they will audit Columbia Gas for a ton of documentation… not just for the affected area. They will likely ask for everything, this includes the entire history of every single pipe since it was installed which in some cases it could mean records from the 1900’s depending on how far back the company goes or if they merged with older companies in the past.


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