Botched Execution

America gets this wrong how? I mean I had always thought that the objections against compounding pharmacies were spurious - yet apparently this guy was “executed” and “declared unconcious” and then started calling out on the gurney, and then died of a heart attack?

If the chemicals they used are secret then how can anyone learn how to avoid this kind of farce?

From the petty cruelty of denying a condemned man his last meal because it cost more than $15, to a botched execution which obviously caused him suffering. Come on, America. You’re supposed to be a civilised nation.

Did they use the “three drug” protocol and fail to set the IV correctly? Did they mix the drugs incorrectly and cause the drugs to precipitate out of solution prior to the execution? Did they pick some novel drug at random and experiment on the man to see what would happen?

What a PR disaster for the pro-death camp. I mean whoever decided this was a good idea to execute someone in this manner should be put before a court themselves. Fired, removed from their duties, made to pay civil damages.

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The pro-death camp is saying to themselves “Oooh, good he suffered for a long while. That there’s some 'murican justice”.


This gives me a sad, but is most likely true. Proponents of the death penalty are interested in vengeance, not justice.



I’m against the death penalty, but even I am more concerned about what it says about us as a society than this individual’s suffering.

If we don’t act like “the good guys” we are not “the good guys”. Between this torture and the other kinds of torture we (as a society) practice, I have no illusions about us being “good”. A society that practices torture is morally bankrupt.

The other part that bothers me is the tremendous incompetence.

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The US seems doomed to repeat mistakes we apparently learned from 100 years ago. Forward, into the past! Next up: disenfranchising women, the return of slavery, and a repeat of the Spanish American War…

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