Bottom line: are humans sensors or things to be sensed?



Using human beings as sensors takes Manna to the next level.

human bottoms are both sensory, and also garner attention. Hmmm.

Great read.

Can Asians actually go without blinking their eyes, maybe thanks to epicanthic folds? I’ve never heard this before. I would be temporarily blinded by dryness if I went two minutes without blinking.

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The epicanthic fold wouldn’t do it (our family has various levels of this genetic trait). My guess is that the narrower almond shape is the more likely explanation (less mucus membrane exposed to air). In the end, though, I would agree with you that going without blinking for more than a short length of time would not be possible for any human population, no matter the eye formation (other than glass replacement). They’re probably just not blinking very often.

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Another version of this question: are we problem solvers, or are we problems to be solved?

Yet another: Does the economy exist to serve human beings, or do human beings exist to move the economy?

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