Bouncing and Blobbing


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Oh, and from then on there will always be a pimple popping video in the array of suggested flicks that show up to taunt you at the cession of some cute cat vid… Avoid the related ear cleaning vids if you can – that way lies madness.


Getting lost in rabbit holes is a wonder of the age, but I occasionally have a “Silent Sunday” - completely offline. No TV, no computers, no music. I had planned to go offline tonight and stay that way until Monday, but now I need to watch some Harry Chapin…


Man, do I empathize with digitalized existential angst. I found this, which might help. Or not. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s your damn fault.


No internet? Are you trying to destroy our civilization?


My favorite place to wind up is Russian dash-cam videos.


Every week for shabbos and for two days for religious holidays.

The kind of stuff the author describes here is like the empty calories of junk food.


It was a VW Rabbit, not a Bug.


There are, of course, subReddits for many things. r/Popping is one of them. It is not devoted to the dance style.


A similar thing happens to me on ffffound. ((possible NSFW images present))

Their format, plus tabs, ends up causing eternal browsing sessions.

I click an image, below are more, possibly related images, I open two or three of those with the middle mouse button. Then, each one of those causes me to open two or three more in the same way. I google search particular images which lead to the artists, the genre of art, its history, etc. After four or five images I have dozens of tabs open very little hope of getting anything done for hours…


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