Bowing to China, Zoom deactivated accounts of US-based activists

When I must use it I put it in a virtual machine with no access to anything else, as the only app installed, and that virtual machine spends most of its time switched off.

Oracle’s VirtualBox is straightforward and seems well behaved. Configuring a friendly Linux distro with it is easy and low-risk to the rest of your system.

VM’s are not “perfect” security, they are no more secure than the host and guest O/S’s, but at least they make your installation different enough that the simple attacks will probably fail.


That was my point - Twitter does not touch those. Also vast spending by Saudi, UAE, Qatar, …

Twitter has taken down Saudi and Emirati networks.


“…and has a poorly-understood relationship with the Chinese government.”

I think Zoom’s relationship with the Chinese government isn’t poorly understood anymore.

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I think zoom did them a favor. Zoom is insecure garbage.

In not unrelated news:

The US shuts down Chinese propaganda accounts (netting a large bycatch of private opinion in the process), China does the same to the US.

In neither case is the motivation anything to do with truth or freedom.




Not the same at all.
It was a private conference call; far from being a tweet that can be seen by millions.
It was related to a massacre anniversary, nothing fake or propaganda. just fact.
The account was taken down to not have this commemoration conference call.
These activist do not received any money from the US government.
And we can start wondering how China got access to these US based account.

Better comparison would have to see US government asking a private Chinese company as Wechat to shut down account following a private chat about commemorating a USA massacre happens 30 years ago (if any), between 2 activists living in China.
Until know, I never heard of such.

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