NSA, on US soil, systematically searches Americans' cross-border communications without warrants


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It occurs to me that my site and email is housed in ‘Canada’ while I reside in the ‘US’. I suppose that means that every email to or from that account is “international” enough for the NSA to “legitimately” log and scan it.
Wow. Who knew that a choice of a web host could open one up to such things?

Note - countries may have been disguised to disguise the disguiser.

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For my non-Canadian 'Net stuff, it leaves Halifax, via undersea cable and heads off to New York. That’s why, since at least a few weeks now, any email I can encrypt to the recipient’s PGP key, gets encrypted.

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Dang, I have no idea where my provider is. But it doesn’t really matter - at most it means a different department is reading my mail.

“Continuing revelations!”
I thought it was obvious by now that NSA sees everything – no limits whatsoever.

Ok what does the NSA do about viruses? Given the grand vacuum approach they are going for they must get a huge number of viruses potentially stored in their databases. Are they removed? Are they left in place? If you embed a virus fragment in your communication would it be deleted?

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