Bowler Ben Ketola sets world record with fastest 300 game


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Mark it, dude.



Especially impressive because:

  1. different lanes can be in different conditions, friction-wise
  2. apparently done with “house” balls


You call that a speed-run? Wait til my son gets his hands on you! But it has to be virtual bowling, all right? None of your namby-pamby “physical reality”.


Time for a great bowling anthem!


One time some (non-racist) skinheads and punks took ME bowling… does that count?


I will count it.


One game? It looks to me like he’s only one frame into 8 games, and 2 frames into two others.


I remember one time in bowling class I almost got a strike. :bowling:


Truly awesome!

(But why does the efficiency freak in me yell “Go to a closer ball on the rebound!!” Too much software perf optimization on the brain… :grinning:)


Fucking Ketola, that creep can roll man.


He could have shaved a few seconds off by not running all the way back to the first lane.

Also when bowling gets this easy for someone do they just do it for the exercise?


So mote it be!

If often to listen to “Take the Skinheads Bowling” after watching “Death in Paradise” as the TV show’s theme tune reminds me of the song.


I’m sorry. I should have asked, “were they on your lawn?”


Hadn’t thought of that.


No. I was hanging out downtown, they stopped their car and asked me if I wanted to go.

Not like the song at all, in fact!


I think a big part of the appeal of bowling is that even novices get a strike now and then.

You never see a first-time golfer hit a hole-in-one or a first-grader hit a baseball out of the park or an elderly woman make a slam-dunk on a regulation basketball court (discounting movies featuring a black man disguised as a woman in a fat suit).


Mark it zero, dude.


So you didn’t get up in the morning and pray to Jah, and he didn’t increase the number of clocks by exactly one?