84-year-old grandmother makes strike on her first time bowling ever


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That made me smile.

Heh. I’d never roll again. “Oh, is that all you were trying to do? Pssh, nothing to it.” And I would retire from the game, having never bowled anything but strikes.


For the life of me I cannot understand why Candlepin never caught on anywhere but New England. It is more challenging to get a high score - which makes it more fun, and yet it is easier for little kids, women, and older people as the ball is much lighter - which makes it more fun. Also fun for teenage boys as they can heave the ball down the alley and see the pins explode all over.

A strike in Candlepin is so much more fun - and more rare - than a ho-hum strike on Tenpin.

What’s not to like?


Imagine what she could do if she took her coat off ! Bravo my dear, still finding firsts at 84. That will keep you young.

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My mother won Lotto the first time she played. (It was only four out of six numbers, but I think it counts as a win anytime you come out ahead.)

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:ok_hand: Wonderful things :ok_hand:

Interesting, because I came to this comment section to mention that my physics teacher in high school claimed to have gotten a hole in one on his first shot his first time golfing, and never played another course in his life for just this reason. (To have a perfect golf record) True story! I mean it’s true that he told us this. I still have a hard time believing it but he sure played it strait in class X-D

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