Using the bowling lane's oil patterns to get better at the game

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I guess this is why you’re not a “serious pro bowler”? :thinking:

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Nearly-hidden oil patterns?

What about the spit trails?


Why has that event never been featured on this site!?

I am disappointed in bOING bOING.


This explains something that’s always bothered me since I was a little kid!

I’d watch bowling and see the balls spinning like crazy but have very little curve until nearly at the pins! I always thought it had more to do with throwing it hard and it taking that long for the enertia to be overcome by the spin. (In fact, I’m not CONVINCED this isn’t the case, but the effect of oil seems more likely.)

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Rusty woman, you just changed my game. Now can you help me with my darts? ;~}
( I play both for beer )

This is an adictive show.

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